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Thanks Shawn!!

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Thanks Shawn!!

100 pips in half an hour...

 29 wins / 11 losses

Good day!

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:13am

That's fantastic!!!!
Keep up the great work @kendall_1

I just hit Silver 3 @ 35 days in made it ithru Silver 1 & 2 in 14 days focused on Gold!


Been waiting for the gold 1 since Wednesday, but need to wait out a 2 trade for 2 week item... not impressed, at a stand still, but par for the course I guess.

passed Silver 1 on Sunday night, woke up at 3am on Monday morning EST to trade london based on an overnight trading live session.... ended up passing silver 2 in something like 2-4 hrs..... luck or right place right time.... but remember I trade insane amount of contracts a day... but working on quality vs. quantity now.

Time to streamline!


I think by Monday morning I had something like 400 trades for Silver 1 and 2

Right now at the end of Silver 3, I am at 874 trades for the week


Keep going, love hearing about your progress!


Bet you're having a ball as well!


Has been fun, earlier this week lost like 400 pips in 2 days, that was frustrating.... regrouped, turning around for the better again.


I am not too far behind you guys. I also started in Feb. I enjoy reading post. It helps me stay motivated. I am also grateful for all of those beeline pioneers who have worked out all the bugs and shared their wisdom on this forum. I would have never got this far this fast with out help from those that came before. For anyone starting out, take advantage of the advice, knowledge and wisdom on the hive