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Is there an Alveo User Guide?

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Bill K

Is there an Alveo User Guide?

Hello everyone,

Am I missing any Alveo resources to help me better understand how to use this tool?  I went through the Getting Started resources again but still have questions.  I’ve picked up a couple of key points in the on-line classes (requiring Alveo to be running to allow trailing stops to adjust was a big one), but still seem to be lacking access to Help, User Guide or Tips and Tricks resources to better use it in trading.

For example: 

  • How can I center price on a chart without having to use the horizontal and/or vertical zoom sliders?
  • I can change the background colors of my charts but how do you change the background of those miserable dialog boxes so that I can actually read setting text?
  • An instructor had a ‘time to next bar’ timer on his screen in a Discussion recording, but I cannot find where to set that.
  • Can I set a level on an indicator?  Specifically:
  •      I’d like a 25 level on ADX. 
  •      I’d like both a MACD and a MACD signal line on my MACD indicator.  Maybe I just can’t read the text setting in the dialog box!
  • I like to use ADX to help with the trend identification, and then use MACD for trending markets (ADX> 20/25) or stochastics for consolidation (ADX <20/25), but when I use all three oscillators, the ADX and the Stochastics wind up consolidating one on top of each other in one pane.  Can I not have 3 lower indicators?

Thanks for help in pointing me in the right direction!



Wed, 08/17/2016 - 2:37pm

Sorry, I have no help for you other than what you have already done. Go thru the resources again. I understand that Apiary is working on improvements and upgrades. However, I find that making changes and flexibility on the charts is difficult not intuitive and often does not get saved.

I find it disappointing that NO ONE from Apiary has responded to your forum discussion as they encourage us to use it, but then apparently can't read it or respond. I have used the "HELP?" key to log questions to which they say they will respond to in 24 hours.

I hate to sound like a negative nanny, but to me it shows lack of professionalism. A printed GUIDE BOOK which you can reference on line would be helpful.

I TRULY believe forex is the way to go and can not afford to "fund myself", so obtaining funding thru Apiary is certainly my goal. However, they seem more interested in attracting more clients than bettering those they already have.