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Time line on Passing Silver 1

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Time line on Passing Silver 1


I am on my second week of silver 1 and have a few bee line requirements completed. I think my big hurdle will be the trades which have to be open over 24 hours. I have had trades open for a long on MT4 but i use a large SL. On Alevo I am more concerned about my stats so I dont use too large of of a SL. My lots are .05 or .01 to reduce large losses. Any suggestions on a good pair to use to complete this requirment? 



Tue, 05/07/2019 - 7:30am

Hi lishurtado3;

The GBP pairs are generally the biggest movers. Might I suggest trading with the smallest position size while working through Beeline as it is easier to over come a small loss then larger ones and since you are not getting a piece of the profits, there really is no benefit...

Hope that helps,


Pips for Profit

Good advice alan.....I would second this. (01 lot size....and GBP) This pair typically has larger moves and decent spreads most of the time.....Start trade with London open...Find a good trend....and put on trade. (than go to bed!!) Good luck!!

Kevin Osei-Kofi

EUR/USD: most liquid pair in the game; according to Apiary. ^_^

Pips for Profit

Here's a great Playlist while trading!! Enjoy

Pips for Profit

Thanks.....(."for the playlist "thing")


Hello Lishurtado,

I used AUD/CAD a few weeks ago for that trade, because it showed alignment from D1 to M5. It is still in a downtrend, although today it reversed a bit. If the trend continues, connect the Pivots High, use 0,01 lot and place your SL on the drawn line. It will not be in accordance with the risk/reward rule, so sit it out for 24 hours. Good luck!

The Dutch Surfer