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Top Ticking Extended Trends

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Top Ticking Extended Trends

This used to be a no-no back in the day, however, it looks like "top-ticking" these straight up (or down) trends is working. Unfortunately, I was never good at it and don't do it (I should). Is anyone having trouble with these long, slow runs in either direction? They kind of drive me crazy.

Has anyone mastered these (30 - 70 Pip uni-directional trends over the course of many hours) and you can't say just use trailing stops or sit on your hands (You can say don't contra or just go with the trend). Lol. These extended uni-directional runs are an achilles heal for me. If you're a master at it, share the secret.

Mon, 03/07/2016 - 10:55pm

What is "top ticking"?