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Trade closed prior to Stop Loss hit

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Trade closed prior to Stop Loss hit

It seems that the system closed open trades before the Stop Loss was reached? What am i missing?

the high mark is around 1.30951 - yet you can see the trade was closed even though the S/L was set at 1.30961

Wed, 07/20/2016 - 10:46am




Chuck B


On a "sell" order you "OPEN" [sell] at the "BID" price and "CLOSE" at the "ASK" price. But Alveo's candles "display" ONLY the "BID" price.

Thus it is quite possible, given your info above, that in addition to "slippage" [mentioned above by Hak], your SL was indeed "hit", especially since the USD/CAD B/A spread is generally at least 1 pip.

- Chuck B

PS: although we can have Alveo show both the "BID" and/or "ASK" lines [located in "template settings", the candles will ALWAYS show ONLY the "BID" price.


Many thanks for the clarification and insights....clearly need to make room for slippage and spread.


Chuck's got the right answer. :) late to the game