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Trades closed - Close Type "risk"?

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Trades closed - Close Type "risk"?

Today I had four trades closed by ALVEO. The close type on my order history says "Risk". Each one had a single digit pip deficit. Why was I closed out?

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 11:32am

There looks like there was a huge spike in the GBP and some EUR pairs. My trades were closed out for Risk today as well. Learning lesson for me. I need to adjust the amount of trades I have on at one given time and adjust my stop loss to a smaller scale.
Brexit negotiation news may have been the cause.


If your total drawdown exceeds 5%, Alveo will shut you down for the day. Doesn't matter how many or how few trades you have running or if any of them are in profit. It's one of very few hard and fast rules regarding your trading with Apiary.

While you're in the Beeline (and even for a good while after you're funded), there are huge long-term benefits to trading only microlots (.01), avoidance of the 2% and 5% risk shut-down is one of them.


Peter, if your trades were closed with less than a 10 pip loss, I must ask what was your position size?

Moreover, Boss-Hogg (no real name is dead on, while working through Beeline, you should be trading nothing more than the smallest position size possible (0.01). it is always easier coming back from a small loss then a big one and there is simply no benefit to trading a bigger size (ie. you don't get a percentage of the demo account profits)


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I was shut down for the day. My PIP size is .20. I will reduce that to .10 going forward.


Ah, sounds like it was the 2% risk rule that got you. Look on the bright side, at least it wasn't the 5% risk rule :)


I was after my 25 x 5 x 24, achieved yesterday. Not that that has any impact on PIP production but my settings call for 40 pip gain and 20 pip trailing stop loss. With the volatility today due to the Index announcement I took some stop loss closes. This ate up my allowance for the day. First time for me and I didn't understand. But, in 20/20 hindsight I might have closed out my Silver demo account if they let me. I will be up before dawn in order to get my 5 London Trades and thereby my Silver II.


Has anyone evder had all of their trade just disappear? I just did. I was far from any stops or even being close to any reason for a close-out. I had a totoal of 5 trades with a risk of .86 the las time i looked at them, which was about 1 hr ago. Any ideas as to what happened ? Is Alveo "tweaking" things again?


I have but usually, they come back after a bit with the proper pricing closed or open.