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Trading computer minimum requirements and the best ways to acquire one.

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Trading computer minimum requirements and the best ways to acquire one.

So I saw some posts about trading computers and some questions about what you need exactly with them. I actually have a lot of knowledge in this area having built computers for years along with my own trading computers. Now the video is a little less than an hour, because i literally cover all aspects of setting up your trading computer station. Along with what you need, I also cover a handful of ways that you can acquire, build, modify or buy your trading computer and the companies that I would use to buy them. If you have any questions that are not answered in the video please feel free to ask.

Here is the link for the video:

Good luck and good trading!


Fri, 08/04/2017 - 6:46pm

thanks for the info .

I appreciate you took the time to explain, and compare prices, to recommend and show what is out there for about what much.

video just started working today.



Yeah sorry about the video part. I don't know why it wasn't working, but after i reloaded it, it now seems fine.


thanks Tommy. this is very informative and appreciated. thanks again


Your welcome


Excellent video. Learnt one hell of a lot.
Thanks a million!


Your very welcome.


Thanks for this useful info.
In my opinion, these requirements are very helpful for traders who do a lot of day trading or short-term trading.


Great job on the video! I just wanted to make a comment about it many of the off the shelf computer systems, Dell, HP do not have an extra power cable for a video card that you add in. The power supplies are not stong enough to handle them either. I did find a work around to it though. I bought a Dell Inspiron 3650 I5 computer from Walmart. The power supply was not big enough to handle most video cards except the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI that doesn't require a seperate power cable from the power supply.

I just thought I would put that out there in case someone buys a computer off the shelf and tries to add a video card into it.

Thanks again for the Video.


thanks for that. I should have been a little more specific about what cards need to be used when modifying.
You have to have a card that doesnt require an extra sata power connection. The older 740 and 750 series GTX cards and the 1050's will work. Otherwise you are right, you have to upgrade your power unit.


Very informative and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put the video together. I have a Dell tower that had XP OS I was thinking of building into a trading computer. Any thoughts on what I should look out for/or just a bad idea?


Well, if you cpu meets the minimum requirements, then it could be modified. But i will tell you, that if it is 3+ years old, its better to just get a newer model. It would probably be cheaper. What are the specs of your current pc.


Yes it would be out of spec. I was thinking to just use the case and replace the mother board, cpu, memory, hard drive, and the video card. In hopes I can keep it below $1000.




Here is a list of parts that you should be able to put into your case and it will be well under $1,000. Both are new Intel systems (i5 & i7) Also, as long as your power supply is at least 350w, it will run everything. I would personally recommend the power supply on the list because its less than $50 and it will be a step up from what you probably have currently, but you can decide. Hope this helps.

parts list i5 intel.JPG parts list i7 intel.JPG

Very much appreciated. Thanks.


Thank You, that so helpful. much appreciated! :-)


Your very welcome


I use a Toshiba laptop I bought at BestBuy 3 years ago: i7, 3.5Ghz cpu, 8GB RAM, plugged into my internet router where I get on avg. about 40MB/sec a personal preference I extend my viewing capacity to an external 17" DELL LED monitor...that's it.


I bought mine from EZtrading computers. Seems to have good deals every now and then. Look for the sales. They specifically builds computers for trading.

Aussie John

Thanks Tommy. Good presentation and helpful.

Currently using Asus laptop with extension monitor but thinking to go to a dedicated tower for trading only

Aussie John


I have a powerful tower that handles a lot of tradestation charts a bunch of different trading platforms including Alveo and way more screenspace than I need but I have found when I am away from home my laptop works fine with Alveo...I do like its simplicity and with just the laptop I have less distractions. Laptop is nothing special it was a hand me down from my daughter, I don't even know the specs other than I was able to upgrade to windows 10 with no issues.