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Trading the EUR/USD

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Trading the EUR/USD

Hello, I would just like to start a discussion on trading the EUR/USD. This will be a place where we would share charts, trade setups, trades, trading ideas, best trading times, etc. Also, perhaps other traders can start similar threads regarding other popular major pairs like GBP/USD or even major crosses. Thanks.

Mon, 09/05/2011 - 8:31pm

HI BEES I have been trading the eur/usd for 3 weeks now using Steve Perry's whipsaw method and loving it . I have been in here for 2.5 years and losing money every day . I finally got smart and let some one else teach me something and now it is working. Perry knows his stuff ,and I finally get it . I'm a little slow sometimes you only have to wack me in the head with a ball bat 8- 10 times like a damn mule before I catch on and get with the program . check out his classes , look for the one on whipsaws. best to you all and GOD bless. bob kelliher, n1jrm , central Maine , deep in the woods , so far I have to go to town to hunt.


bias to change to the downside. Expect 1.115 T/P.

2019-06-16 09_49_44-eurusd - Google Search.png

maybe 1,1129 and then a resounding bounce! But DXY has to turn first.


Dovish Super Mario Draghi drags the eurusd down ahead of FOMC. Many market analyst's and tradingview technical summary: sell.

Potential T/P 1.115 and 1.11 by FOMC.

2019-06-18 12_09_00-eurusd - Google Search.png 2019-06-18 12_12_34-Technical Analysis of Euro _ U.S. Dollar (FX_EURUSD) — TradingView.png

Classic blunder today. Tried to catch the upswing on the FOMC news. Naturally I bought in too late (at the high) and the market immediately reversed for a 20 pip loss. Funny too cuz my initial reaction was to leave it alone, but as it kept going up, I couldn't resist. Oh well, glad it's a practice account.


Learn from that, fw. I used to try to catch moves from the news. Sometimes I'd catch them perfectly, but my record is way better catching the retracement after the news spike. It usually goes all the way back, but I scale out at each fib line. Give it at least a full 5 minute candle to run. Maybe two if it's really going strong, then catch the ride back.


how is everyone doing?


What you mean, we be kewl!


EU 5M attached for a big spike later this afternoon or maybe a good weekend GAP trade.
A just for fun sandbox trade! Put a few sell- stops on and check it out..:))
Attached is my 5M POV
So I thought I would take my own suggestion.. just for fun of course.
Attached is my H2 POV with stops added.
I have layered these down
I moved the stop-loss's out of the way so the chart could be easier to see.

At least one of our instructors that have reviewed me doing this disagrees with this method. He would rather I just place the trade straight to the target and play fewer fees and greater profit. While I can't disagree with the financhail I most likely will not be watching this trade so from my humble rookie POV I am limiting my risk.

I have also kept the trades outside of the HV box in an attempt to avoid an early entry before the PA is committed.

EU GAP trade.PNG EUGAP Sell Stops.PNG


Thank You


Rookie, in your view, what telltale magic does that CCI have that other indicators do not exude for this setup?


Frank, for me the CCI is simply a momentum indicator that can confirm trends, slope, and changes in direction before they actually occur. While I don't often notice a divergence it is very good for that as well. I also will use it and mainly for the percentage of deviation to determine how much room may be left in a cycle.

Norma has written a divergence corollary which the one time I actually recognized it was my best trading day ever.

There is more but somewhat more obscure and I need to head out.

Attached is my last two trading session.

Trading room.PNG sleeping.PNG

EURUSD rocks!...this is the only currency i traded to being funded!....


Trading the EURUSD and news in 30M, JOLTS open jobs are on the cusp. I would anticipate a 25 Pip swing possibly more is very negative. Implying the DXY to shot south and EUR shooting north and if positive just the opposite.

The attached chart displays the EURUSD on a 3M chart, the channel is very tight however the PA is currently at the top and just broke thru my channel line, I am anticipating the EUR to drop and then whipsaw.

Stay alert!

BTW because I am thinking this it usually means the market will do exactly the opposite:)


and their you have it, dip down and whipsaw back north!

Happy trading!


Hi Rookie!

I finally got funded and did it with GJ and EU; I am good with breakouts but looking to add to this so I can trade a little more often since I am doing this full time. Would you recommend anything for EU specifically that I can maybe look into?

I appreciate any help.



Thanks, Rookie
For the H2 POV and CCI on the EUR/USD pair


Congrats EkexEO! good for you.

@withsware, no really, nothing I haven't already posted, just keep it simple!
Maybe learn as much as you can bout time and price cycles.
Good luck and happy pip gathering.


The answer to 1.2020 is 1.1776!

-message paid for by the eurusd.


I have found the CCI to be effective for me once I started using it i started zipping through my Beeline


Hi all, from reading all the comments , it seems that most of you use the CCI indicator. I have not yet tried it out so i will give it a go and learn what its all about.
I trade the EURUSD 90% of the time. I set up the 5min and 1min charts using the14 rsi on the 5min and the stocastic on the 1min. I do a mix of scalping and letting some trades run with no TP. I also set up the 15 min and 1hr chart in the back ground for checks on direction and the cycle position.
Regards Skybob


this is the only pair that I have been trading with a great results


I kind of have great confidence trading this pair, consistency is the key


I'm only trading the EUR/USD,if it ain't broke don't fix up.


Just went to pre-fund and have been trading the EUR/USD, almost exclusively, since I began. But, only working with $1K puts a premium on being right about 90% of the time. With the market volatility, you really have to pick your spots. Good luck to all.


Working towards my Gold 2 and EUR/USD is fun but can really humble you when you think you know what to do.


just have to think like the big banks and don't always take the obvious trade because many times that's where a lot of orders are which they can see and so in that case price will go the other way...but great pair in terms of volatility.