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Trading ideas Eur/Usd

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Trading ideas Eur/Usd

My favourit pair. Safe to trade and good moving. Nice fake move up , i'm shorting from the bounce and had long from almost 82 fibo level. No signs of going long. Maybe I'm wrong. But trading what I'm seing and what my system says. Chart is 4 weeks fibo high- low and 4Hr T/F

What you guys think on E/U what trades do you have?

EURUSDH4 19.07.png44.72 KB
Thu, 07/19/2018 - 2:05pm

I think you can sell on highs


I know its been getting beat up by the DXY. but a 0.02 -0.03 would be to bad on a long look.


now price on 50 fibo. exited, better stay on safe side
not keeping open positions over nite. tomorrow another trading day with new opportunities
thank you guys for your support


If you look at stochastic in 30 min chart, it never reacted as in an uptrend move with momentum.. thats a sign of the fake move, no momentum, just price made a move to ,, fill,, the gap on chart

EURUSDM30 19.07.png

Just entered long from the ema bounce on 5 min ch. 1,16414 and ride the trend,,, dont forget - trend is your friend, it leads you, but you never lead a trend. just have to follow it to make profits. I dont mind what forecasts are- i follow the FRIEND

UERUSDM5. 20.07.png

switched to short at 82 fibo 5 min, with tight sl


it my favorite pair too! thank you for sharing


I will wait, how the new week will start. I think that move on friday was make from players, my SL is 1,1770.


Marlis, YES, I agree, we will have to wait-and-see...
Especially when there was nice down-trend building in the EUR/USD pair until the sharp reversal (prompted by ‘news event’)...
Keeping lot sizes small, and S/L’s tight (once trades are placed), always a good idea.



i'm part of team EUR/JPY on FB,, but I been following EUR/JPY particularly this month for the BUY set ups,, as our training said its historically a "buy" month for EUR/JPY pair :) Having said that, the buy was sharp start of the month, but the sell off since has been superrr hard,,, what I'm seeing setting up now is the pull back towards that move as all my charts on higher time frames,, like 30M, 1H, 4H,,1D are maxing out at 6 candlesticks down and similar :) The reverse against this back to BUY is gonna be sweet,, so watch for it on EUR/USD as well :)


if you watch the $DXY, you will know which way any USD cross is going.


La réunion de la BCE impacte négativement l’Euro
Mario Draghi s’est certes montré confiant en ce qui concerne les perspectives économiques, et a relevé le caractère positif de la rencontre Trump-Juncker d’hier pour ce qui concerne la guerre commerciale, mais le marché espérait des précisions sur le timing de la hausse des taux, ce qui n’a pas eu lieu.
L’EUR/USD avance vers un profil davantage baissier après plusieurs jours d’hésitation, la réunion de la BCE ayant entrainé un mouvement de baisse qui a entrainé un nouveau creux hebdomadaire à 1.1652, contre 1.1654 pour le creux de mardi.
D’un point de vue graphique, il faut relever que l’Euro Dollar a cassé sous ses moyennes mobiles 100 et 200 heures, envoyant ainsi des signaux baissiers à court terme.

Dans l’immédiat, la zone des 1.1650, où se trouve le creux de mardi et qui a servi plusieurs fois de support ou de résistance depuis le début du mois de juillet pourrait ralentir la baisse. Cette zone correspond par ailleurs au retracement de Fibonacci de 38.2% de la phase de baisse du 9 au 19 juillet.

En cas de cassure, le prochain objectif logique se situe sur le seuil psychologique des 1.16, avant 1.1575, 1.1550, 1.1530 et 1.1500-08
Un solide PIB US demain pourrait de nouveau alimenter la baisse
Enfin, il ne faut pas oublier que la journée de demain sera elle aussi l’occasion d’un événement potentiellement très influent sur l’EUR/USD : Le PIB préliminaire du T2 pour les Etats-Unis.

Le consensus anticipe une croissance de 4.2%, en nette accélération par rapport à 2% au trimestre précédent, mais il se murmure que les chiffres pourraient dépasser les attentes.

Le président américain Donald Trump aurait lui-même évoqué en privé le chiffre de 4.8% selon la presse, et si cela se confirme, le Dollar pourrait trouver un second souffle et reprendre plus franchement sa hausse, envoyant l’Euro-Dollar de nouveau en baisse.


US dollar to rally. From 95. To 1.00. Then. 1.20.

Fall 2018


Strictly scalping but I see a lot of action to short 1.1618 - 1.1620 area. It is a fenceline. If price breaks higher get out and book a tiny loss. I have had 3 bites at the apple already.


Ok I booked 13 pips in my live account just off that last call. Sadly I was too slow getting over to my funded account, it went down that rapidly out of the 2 pip entry range and I did not want to chase.


hospicedoss I agree with a lot of what you have said. Fine tuning it a bit I see a concrete wall of resistance at the 1.1618 to 1.1622 up to perhaps 1.1629 for a short all of this on the 60 and 240 charts. If price breaks above that 29 level I do not want to be short at all and a simple close on the 1M chart above the 29 level and I am out and will be looking for longs. Cheers


Current Price is at or about 1.1597. We all know that the trend for EURUSD has been down since March/April based on US Dollar strength. Within the last 2 weeks the pair has seen a retracement to nearly complete a 3-leg pattern -- potentially reaching an important Fibonacci level that could signal a reversal. At this point, based on the charts I am placing a Pending Sell Limit at 1.1641 with a 30 Pip Stop Loss at 1.16710 and a 150 point Take Profit at 1.1494. (1:5 Risk/Reward). Of course, as always, anything can happen. Wish me luck! Cheers...


Marty, interestingly I have my TP set at 1.6757 and then would again reevaluate and most likely go south from that resistance zone.
Cheers to both!


EUR/USD I took a long at 1.13005 stay with it trough the first level went up to the 2nd level pass the 2nd onto the3rd level opt out at 1.15902. made 280 pips. in back for the pullback at 1.15670 looking at maybe 80 pips if it does pullback, will see