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Trading with MT4

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Trading with MT4

Is there a way to set up Alveo accounts to trade with the MT4 platform?

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 11:08pm

Far as I know no, or I would be the first one to be on it!

To my understanding some time back Apiary dropped MT4 in favour of rolling their own platform, citing the need to implement the risk management controls on a broker level at server-side, which MT4 did not (which does make sense as most brokers do not provide that kind of risk management), but of course re-inventing the wheel never works out well!

Personally I think they should have made an execution+stats only platform only (like Jigsaw model) and/or a bridge of some kind between a decent charting platform like MT4 and the execution only platform.

The answer to any struggles you have is to open a free demo account with any fx broker and use their MT4 for your charting/indicators, and just execute on Alveo. This won't help of course with the outages many people report, and the poor execution that seem common at times.


You can do copy trades from MT4 to ALveo but as far as I know not the other way around.


Rookie, do you know if there was ever a working version of a trade copier?

I tried following the thread in dev forum, but was not clear on the outcome, (though I should try again), I really want a trade copier too, I was debating implementing one till I saw that thread.


Trader, of course, I know:))
Yes, there is but not best for a low time frame scalper as there is about an 8-second lag.
Don Batchelor wrote one for me (I paid for the development) and he is reselling it with support.
Here is his email addy Don Baechtel or just do a forum search for him and send a message.
Good Luck.


LOL! OK thanks Rookie, that wont work for me, as I tend to enter at market and want to avoid lag where I can (I will be able to enter it manually with the one-click trader faster than that). It probably uses a polling mechanism which is why there is a lag.

I was debating using ZeroMQ to make a bridge between MT4 and Alveo on same machine, so no stored trades etc, it would be an instant copy or nothing. Loading Alveo code editor I couldn't even see how to add a reference to a third-party assembly so I gave up.

That said, it was in my first week here so I was not yet sure I would stay, so didn't want to spend much time, now I am paid up and in for the long haul maybe I should load VS and try again.


The lag comes from you must have a machine such as a VPS in between the MT platform and Alveo. So as long as your trading say 15K and up your fairly safe and especially if you trade a target with a trailing stop loss.


Thanks so much for the info. I *DO* have a demo account set up on MT4. Looks like I'll just have to run Alveo and MT4 in parrallel.


I can vouch for Don's copier as well. Have been using it for some time with excellent performance / results.


I believe apiary will be developing a DOM


Anthonyrfante, what is a DOM ?


Abbreviation for "Depth of Market." It is usually a vertical listing of all the available prices for a futures contract in the current trading range in a vertical window on a trading platform. It lists the number of open buy and sell orders at different prices. "Bid" prices listed on the left side of the prices are offers to buy, "Ask" prices on the right side are offers to sell. All the Bid prices are at or below the current price, and Ask prices are at or above the current price. It provides info on the number of offers at different prices - i.e.. the "depth" of the market. There are usually more contracts listed near the current price, and at even dollar amounts as you get farther from the current price. When you look at the ladder of prices, it helps you see where stronger areas of supply and demand are located. Trading happens at the current price, where bids and asks are matched, and price then usually moves in the direction of the most unfilled orders. This info is available when there is a central exchange through which all the trades are processed. Thus, you will not see a DOM in Forex markets, because there is not a central exchange. Individual brokers may try to provide volume info, but the ones we deal with only handle a tiny part of the Forex volume; most large international banks handle significantly more trading volume than brokers for individual traders.
Apiary seems to be running enough trades on a daily basis to provide some sort of DOM application, it would be just all of us trading among ourselves. But it might be interesting to see the volume on the various pairs. I think I saw some trades info somewhere on the web site that was in the 12,000 trades per day range; but that is just Apiary, and I'm pretty sure there are individual companies who trade that much on their own. If all the trades were for a standard contract (and they are not) it would only amount to ~ $1.2 Billion per day, or .024% of the estimated daily trading volume in Forex.


But it might be interesting to see the volume on the various pairs !
Of course!Also for other brokers and whales !
I think Apiary tries as much as possible to avoid any recognition about how much they participate in the forex market for a very good reason.It would be a great target to hunt !
Using different providers also makes it difficult to get the whole amount about what is actually traded.
To hide is good advise for the small fishes,also and specially when there are a lot of them.


I also have an MT4 in parallel. The speed for browsing pairs is way better than Alveo's.