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Trading plan -Silver 3 requirement

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Trading plan -Silver 3 requirement

This plan is not tested for enough time to guarantee results - Use at your own risk. There will be only a few setups a day.

Using the M30 chart. Your choice of currency

Indicators - Bands at default and HMA at 20, 50 and 100.

Initial TP 100, SL 100. 1 to 1

Entry point when all 3 HMA indicators are above (bear) or below (bull) a candle and at least 2 are red(bear) or blue(bull) with the center of the bands on the same side and moving away.

Lot size your choice of risk. Mine is .02 X 2 positions. I get out of 1 position when any line crosses 2 candles in a row. The other exit at TP or at indicator as below

Exit point when any of these things happen. I use the M15  chart for my exit points.

  • The center line crosses a candle with an HMA line.
  • 2 HMA lines cross a candle
  • The center line crosses a candle and the bands come together
  • Any 2 HMA lines change colour for

As you watch the M1 chart you will think you are going to lose big and the consitancy of the 30 minute chart carries on. the reason for the exit on the 15 minute chart is that you may have less profit if you exit too late and the 30 minute candle takes an extra 15 minutes to develop.

On the attached you can see an example that was 50 pips. Red arrow enter Blue arrow exit. This is the 15 minute chart. The entry on the 30 minute chart

Please comment and or if you try it give your feedback as that will help all to rfine this plan

Tue, 02/19/2019 - 2:56pm

The attachment wouldn't save on the last entry. If interested here is a chart example

M30 system example.docx 383.05 KB

nice, are you using it?