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I have found my personal trading psychology to be both the biggest hurdle to my success, as well as the greatest tool in my trading toolbox, depending. No strategy or technique can make up for being a bundle of nerves with emotions running high; fear, anger, and frustration boiling over. And conversely, trading while feeling truly centered and at peace, regardless of market conditions, seems to lead to consistent and profitable trading. How to maximize the latter?

I have recently seen many positive results using a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), commonly known as tapping. I have used it for chronic pain reduction/healing, reducing stress and anxiety, and uncovering and changing deep rooted, subconscious, self-defeating beliefs. As an unintended side effect I have seen a dramatic improvement in my trading.

If you feel like you follow a similar pattern; "I'm smart, put my time in, have a good strategy, but can't seem to make consistent gains", consider focusing on inner work; finding and rooting out subconscious self-defeating beliefs. Although it may seem somewhat unrelated to trading, often we self-sabotage when we aren't consciously acting in-line with our subconscious beliefs, even if we aren't even aware of such. This causes mixed signals and adds to inner stress and anxiety instead of inner peace. Much like seasickness where the brain gets mixed signals; your eyes say one thing (inside the boat isn't moving) but the inner ear tells the brain that there is motion. The contradiction of signals causes the brain to react with nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. Physical seasickness is a powerful image for our emotional inner state when we aren't aligned internally. No one trades well (or does anything else well) while seasick!

There are many great sources for such inner work techniques. I'm happy to recommend my personal favorites if anyone's interested. Best of luck and happy trading! Let me know if anyone else has similar results!


Wed, 09/02/2020 - 3:16pm

I'm interested! The best that I have found is the subject of mindfulness.

BTW, have you read thru this thread?