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Trading robot

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Trading robot

Can you make your own robot trader using the expert adviser or the editor?

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 6:23pm

I have the same question. Watched a Youtube video last night where a guy used FXdreema software to create an EA that was based on Fast Track Strategy.


do you guys found something on EA's that works on Alveo? we can work together on building EA's .


I tried this on mt4 in the past and I do believe if you write the script for the ea, it should work in Alveo, I do think I read in one of the forums that they are doing that but I have no interest in using one so I did not bookmark that subject.


It appears to have a place for putting code in. But, I received an indicator from a book I was reading and attempted to put it in, it did not work. Not savvy with technology enough I guess.


yes you can, you have to code it in C# instead of mql like many other EAs that are meant for mt4


Yes I read the same thing. I'm looking to build a program with the family. I'm not tech savvy either.


other forums have a lot of info about this, check out the million a month club, another bee named Don Baechtal has a course on it as well