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Trading Strategy

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Jenny K

Trading Strategy

Well it was a long month stuck in Silver 2 letting psycology get to me but I finanlly conquered it! My strategy is to keep things  as simple as possible. I look at the 4 hour chart, 1 hour chart and 5 min chart to determin movement. I use pivot points , RSI and price action to determin when to enter and exit a trade. 

That's all I got for now!


Happy Tradding everyone!

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 7:11pm

Congratulations Jenny on Silver III. I just got there myself today.


Great Jenny

I might give that a go a see how i go.


SILVER III TODAY ,, ME TOO, I DIDN'T EVEN EXPECT IT LOL!!!!! Thought I had another 2 days or so in profit first hahaha



Perfect. I believe strongly in constantly passing hazards like BEELINE to legitimize our trading choices and narrow strategy down.
Seems that's what you're doing. 'Shawn The Scalper' seems a little contrarian to the beeline orthodoxy but either way.

I still feel better identifying strongest momentum direction and taking a 1:2 SL:TP risk on it.
Why not learn both ways. Yes.


Mike, when it comes to trading methodology Shawn will be the first one to say, do as I say (teachings) and not as I do.
Scalping is hard to make equity at and the wobble is harder.



Both is better. Diversify = No Regret. :)


Well done Jenny I'm going to try your technique. I'm on silver one and struggling to get 5 days in a row


I find apiary pivot points most effective in trading strategy.


I find apiary pivot points most effective in trading strategy.


Congrat Jenny on your gold 3, waiting for the 8 days before becoming in the gold family ;-)


Jenny - I had a similar struggle with Silver 2 and was in it 4 weeks longer than I should have been.
I also let the psycho part get to me as I was trading the 1 and 5 minute charts just to get a few pips to make a profitable day.
I'm done with that now and back to 15, 30 and 1 Hour charts which make sense to me. Even Daily charts are better for me than 1 minute ones. Probably because I'm not thinking quickly enough to handle the short time frames.
I acknowledge my short-coming and I am glad to move on.

While its great to try out new strategies, by now I'm sure we all have our favorites.
I like using Trend Location on 1H and 4H charts - and occasionally on a Daily chart.
My other favorite is Momentum and MACD on daily charts. I can search for setups on these once or twice a week.
I have not used the Pivot points in my trading, but can see how they could be very useful.
I'll have to give then a second look.


silver was though wait till u finish ...hopefully gold will be

Brad B.

Thanks for sharing Jenny. I like your strategy because it's simple.