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Trading Strategy

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Trading Strategy

I am most likely an Intermediate type of Trader, although I am quite comfortable with many styles of trading.
I would like to discuss my style of Trading which I developed over the past couple of months and it goes without saying that I am not perfect and always willing to learn new stuff.

As we all know by now, it is really essential to stick to a trading plan that works well.

Apiary gave us the opportunity to widen our horizons, regarding among other things our abilities to familiarize ourselves with our skills to adapt a specific trading style that works very well under any type of market conditions.

The first most important thing is to be able to remain calm and make the right decisions.
Secondly to familiarize yourself with market conditions as such.
Thirdly to know your markets.
Fourthly to trade them with stop-losses.
Finally banking the pips/money.

My method is as such and I would like to state that if you try this, you should not walk away from your computer.
I would have 5 to 6 currency pairs open, most of them will be USD coupled.
Then I will inspect every one on the Daily-, 4 Hourly-, and trade on 1 Hourly.
The advantage of this style is that you know that all the newbies in the market jump into a trade right at the beginning of the time frame.
The more professionals type of traders wait it out a while and usually from the half hour mark, you can then clearly see the definite movement of the candles...sometimes it last for a while and then is the time to jump in if the candle patterns allow it, if not, leave it until it happens because there are other currency pairs to trade.

I would then page the other currency pairs to look for movement, placing trades, remove bad trades and place new ones and maintain a good profit loss ratio to the green side...this all happens on the 1 hour chart.

Of course I also make use of the Technical Indicators which are the following: Bands, HMA 86 and HMA 20 and the RSI 14.
These indicators are very helpful and I like to make use of them.

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 4:21am

A strategy that works need to be kept.


Thank you for sharing Rianlombaard ! I am looking at the same indicators you mentioned and working a system to that will give confidence and have less stress when making these trades.....

Gillis House

It seems like there are thousands of good ways to enter a trade. But success depends on cutting our losers and not our winners. Unfortunately our human nature wants us to do the opposite.


"success depends on cutting our losers and not our winners" ...exactly.


I recently started using the Ichimoku with the HMA(5) and the Stochatic(12, 2, 3) with fairly good success.


I too like ichimoku
as it shows real support and resistance levels.

I made gold 1 today,,,,,

so practice practice and practice
good trades,

and take the small loses when they happen.