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Trading strategy - finally funded

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Jenny K

Trading strategy - finally funded

Wooo what a ride! After months of study, trading at all hours of the day and night I finally made it to Gold, got funded AND got my first account increase! I mean I thought the feeling of being funded was great but that email that said congrats we increased your account WOW super happy! To top  it off I am currently in Cuba trading poolside with a equity curve heading straight up, so nice to be making money on vaca lol

Anywyas I just wanted to share some tips about my strategy. First off create rules and stick by them. I try and make trading as simple as possible. I currently use an HMA and RSI. I check the daily chart , 4 hour and 1 hour. Normally I trade early morning and decide to place trades based on the 5 min chart, going with the trend for the day. Price action is my friend. I pay close attention to news events and try to catch the pips when there is a major move. Right now I only trade on the EUR/USD, I found having multiple charts open was too much to manage. It is easier to focus on 1 chart at a time. I usually set my stop loss at the pivot point for the hour. I attached a screenshot of my last 50 trades below.... hopefully I can keep the momentum going, it feels great to finally get intot he groove of things.

Happy trading eveyone ;)

50 trades in cuba.png201.4 KB
Tue, 01/08/2019 - 3:27pm

Great advice. Stick to your rules. I too have traded and studied many hours of the day and night since August. Just made Gold 2. The work is starting to pay off.


Congratulations and thanks for sharing how you are succeeding!


Congrats, good stats.

Pips for Profit

Congratulations Jenny!! Eventually one comes to this exact conclusion as you mentioned ......... before becoming consistently profitable. Unfortunately most of us beginning traders fall victim to most all the mental mistakes before we believe this. (getting out early, moving stops, not having profit target, not taking next trade because of previous loss.....Just not following a proven plan. Congratulations again....and happy trading!!!


great job! wish I was poolside trading. on level Gold 1




AWESOME Advice Jenny Congratulation on your Achievement!


Congrats Jenny. You were one of the first people to comment on my introduction post. We've both come a long way since then. I hope in the coming months I'll become funded as well. Looking forward to it. It has been amazing journey so far. Congrats again! Happy Trading. Enjoy Cuba!


Congrats Jenny, I'm looking forward to the feeling of being funded....I like that even on vacation your are still making money, Way to go!


Congrats Jenny!


Congratulations. It's an encouragement for me that one day I will get there (I am at Silver 2 now). Keep up. thanks for sharing about your winning strategy.


Congratulations! nicely done! and what a good example of creating your own system that has made it all come together for you.

I need a vacation like that. Making good profits. Be ready for Tomorrow; since it's a high impact news day on the Canadian dollar.


Congrats Jenny! Won`t be trading poolside anytime soon but maybe snowed in - hahaha! Gotta love winter in Montana - also part of fall and spring lol!


Congratulations and I love your story. I also believe keeping it simple is the way to go. I am currently revising my plan. I am beginning to understand that choosing a pair or two and sticking with them is best. I am also feeling out a new strategy with different indicators, however my daily pip target and contemporary trade style will remain the same (15min chart). Thank you for sharing your story and again Congrats!


I will be in Cuba in May to visit my wife's family, hoping to be funded by then and able to take my laptop with me. Question: where are you finding the most reliable internet? I know you can get access at the public parks but for this kind of thing I almost want to get a room at a hotel to have it be more 'reliable' :P


Nice work!

Jenny K

Thank you everyone :) The journey with Apiary is so wonderful and I am so thankful to be part of this amazing family :)

ABL4x I was actually at a resort in Guardalavaca. The wifi at the resorts is getting much better and we did travel to my boyfriends home town and I traded in one of the public parks. It was during the day and quiet there so it worked wonderfully to my surprise. It is hit and miss in Cuba. If it's raining then dont bother, the connection will last minuets then be gone. Trying to find a stable connection can be a challenge as i am sure you are aware, some days it was perfect and others there was none. Also don't use the wifi cards. re-load someones account there and use that then you wont have to worry about ruunning out of time. Good luck to you though! I wish I was going back already:)

Happy trading everyone!


Jenny, great hear of your trading success. Telling your story here offers great encouragement for those of us are moving along the path of learning a way that works. Thank you for sharing.

I'm logged in from the slopes of Park City, Utah where I am studying a little Aiary & trading while enjoying some days of skiing.


Great advice and chart!!!


Congratulations recently funded myself.


congratulation looking to be funder soon

Isaiah S

Congratulations on your achievements and success!


Wow nice detailed post on what to look forward to once I get to Gold 3. Thanks

Ramone Manning



Congrats. Best stats I've far.


Congrats Way to go.

Amanda White

Great job! I tend to do something similar to you! Glad to know it works for you! Keep it up!




Killer deal!
congrats and great luck to you.


nice cant wait to get there soon just made gold 1


Simple and effective.



Richie Profit Squad

SUPER TRADING, great job, thanks for the Details - Congrats


Very inspiring to see fellow bees succeeding, hoping to be on your shoes soon.. CONGRATS


Congratulations Jenny K on getting funded!
I just got funded last night.

Happy and Successful Trading wishes moving forward!


Best of all Jenny and continue using your system if it brings you results.


That's inspiring. Thx for posting your results. Helps to gauge my own expectations.


Well done! Very impressive stats. Very encouraging as I look ahead to getting into Silver 3 and Gold.


Excellent work...keep it up!


That's a fantastic groove you are in. This shows you are really zeroed in on a single currency pair and using that to your advantage. Do you have multiple trades going on? Do you add to existing trades. Just curious since you have been so successful. Keep it up? Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Conroy

Really inspirational stuff! This post would be a great advert for the Apiary fund :D

It seems like a distant dream for me right now, although I'm pleased with my progress.

Thanks for sharing


Congratulations Jenny. Well done. Great advise which I will keep in mind.


Wow, far out and well done! Also, great advice. I've tried a bunch of different things, and I agree: simpler is better. I tend to trade like I was learning to operate bulldozers. A few big accidental hills and then deep holes and getting stuck... quite the mess. Give me a few months, and I'll have learned to use this wonder machine (computer) better and maybe then I'll know how to use the brilliant Alveo platform skillfully. Now, if laptops had hydraulic levers...
you folks are awesome, and just reading what you say provides so much insight.
Congrats, Jenny, and thanks for the hope.


Congratulations Jenny. I admire your ability to keep it simple.
I am still sampling all the different strategies and trying to cull them down to a basic approach.
My biggest improvement has been to cut my losses. Still working on letting the profits run, that's the hard one
for me.


From boohoo to woohoo - keep up the hard work!


Nice job. Let me know how you liked Cuba!


Congrats Jenny. I just started Gold 3 about 15 days ago and it has been up and down, mostly because I haven't stuck with my plan. Good on you for sticking with it!

Pips for Profit

Congratulations tanguays!! :)


cool, nice, i hope to be in same place as you soon


Congratulations, I always like reading about the journey everyone is on with the tips and seeing perseverance pays off. Great Job!


Nice Jenny


congrats I can wait to be funded


good job,congratulations


That is awesome !! Congrats !! I have 6 monitors and I also only look at the eur/usd.

Damon B

Really Inspiring! And great stats. You keep it simple, establish and follow rules, and that makes it work. SO GOOD!

"Rules keep me from being me." I love learning to trade because I am learning a discipline, and it is a wonderful metaphor for how little discipline I have in my personal life. Thank you for this post!



Great job!


Hi Jenny,
It's inspiring to read about someone getting to a funded account!
Thanks for sharing your experience. Best wishes!!!


Well done, Jenny...and wishing you great success! You go, girl !!!


Happy trading.


Love the simplicity! Thanks for sharing.


I have to remember to stick to my rules, It's too easy get away from your rules. Thanks for sharing.




Congrats and thanks for the advice. It's encouraging to see that perseverance pays off.

Chris Dilbeck

Your doing a great job. Thanks for the tips!


congrats that a great achievement.




Jenny, thats a nice start, and congrats on the increase!! I cant wait until I get that email.