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Trading Strategy with H2 D1 Charts

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Trading Strategy with H2 D1 Charts

I don’t have a tried and true original strategy that I can share… That said, I have a strategy I used for about a week that on average gave me net pips above 200 and several days in a row with bigger wins.

Open a 2 hour and 1 day chart. Identify the trends on both charts. Look for a strong reversal on the day chart that has been in effect for a few days. On the 2 hour chart look for a strong reversal into the same trending direction as the day chart that has been in effect for 2-3 bars.

On the 2 hour chart look for a strong support or resistance to place your stop loss behind that is 15-100 pips behind your entry. Size up your position so that you will not go over your predetermined max loss per trade. Using the day chart find a strong support or resistance with more pips than your stop loss and place the Take Profit a few pips short of the support/resistance.

Enter the position with a stop buy/sell that is positioned to trigger if the market moves in the direction you anticipate. I usually find a strong support or resistance and place a pip or two beyond that.

On the days I used this strategy, I set up about 10-15 of trades per day. Within 8 hours or so most of the trades had been entered. At the end of most days I did this I closed in the green and several of those days net pips were over 100.

I know this is not the most detailed strategy and it isn’t tested over hundreds of trades, but I am going to explore this more and come up with more defined rules because I believe there is potential in these longer term strategies.

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts if you have ideas that could help me with future development of this strategy.

Happy Trading!

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 12:26am

I have tried something similar to this but didn't give it the attention it deserved. I would be happy to hear how this turns out for you; please keep us updated... maybe include a few trading journal entries..

Good luck and good trading!


Thanks FxMoneyTrader will do.