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Trailing stop setup

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Trailing stop setup

I'm having difficulty setting up trailing stops in Alveo. I click the trailing stop checkbox but where do I set the value? I just had a trade go south thinking the trailing stop would hit but didn't trigger.



Wed, 11/11/2015 - 7:02pm

go to the code tab at the top of alveo........then variables.........type in enable_trailingstop.............hit add first....then put a value on it......for example .5 if you want to move .5 for ever .5 move then save it.....I just started and couldnt find a place where it explain how to do it anywhere...just played with it...but that should work for you

you have to check the trailing stop box when you place or modify your the box beside where you put in your stop loss and limit


I am having the same problem! OK, thanks


Kyle, first you have to set-up the trailing stop in "variables" (under the Code tab)

Hope that helps,



I had this issue before and Steve helped me. Please follow the link for reference if you still have issue. --Sokha


I'd like to add this about the trailing stop If you have the variable set to 1 it is on as soon as the order is triggered and will trail at the distance that your stop is set as soon as your position goes into profit . At any time you can drag the stop line on the chart and tighten the stop distance . One word of caution is that your computer and alveo must remain on. If computer is turned off the trail doesn't work. Good luck to all


Great! Thanks for all the help on this!