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This pair is on upward trend for the time being. Trump bump is affecting USD and his tweets creating chaos in the financial market. EURUSD having resistance at 1.1165 and support at 1.0972. if it breaks above 1.1165, it can reach up to 1.12505.

Thu, 05/18/2017 - 11:08am

R u in this trade @ the moment......Long time frame trade? Needing help trading long time frame ...getting ready to find set-ups
to get my 3 trades above the 10 pips


Why try and force market to follow your trend analysis?

If you look at how much the EUR/USD gains in a 3 month time cycle, you will notice that the gain is around 800 to 900 pips, and that's pushing it the last 2 years. So since it has gain 810 pips since this current time cycle and the market has been bearish these last few days, forming a 200 ema crossover on the D1. Makes it too risky for me.

Not trying to say the trend is bearish overall, however, one can argue that your following a trend from the D7 chart., but that begs the question:

If some of us are using the D7, D1 and H4 to check trend, they all show a crossover or reversal situation. So,is it a pullback, or is the trend done since it's been through the time cycle (shows about 7 week ave.) since April 3 on last pivot on the D7 chart.

This is my analysis; I think I will be looking to let the market decide by placing sell stop orders more often than buy stop orders, using breakout strategies only: Thus, the market decides which way the trend is going.

Hope this helps.


Thank you kpbinu and triguylm1.