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Trend lines

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Trend lines

Why when I put in trend lines, in a higher time frame, do they not show up in the lower time frames?  They are completely removed.

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 12:55pm

It is an issue with Alveo.


you could try putting them on lower and going to a higher then if necessary just adjust them or use two screens side by side.


These kinds of issues make it really hard to trade properly, and imho are a serious hindrance when you fight with the charting platform or skip going back in history or adding lines 'cause of these issues or long-winded hacks need to do basic charting things.

I never noticed this one, but in general find Alveo very "clunky", zooming and scrolling in particular.

I reckon go to any forex broker, open a free demo account, use MT4 for your analysis, and Alveo for order entry only. This is what I do (except I have live accounts).

Its one-click trade feature once activated (thanks Rookie! :) is great, and that's about it (unless you want custom chart types which MT4 does not support , you need an "indicator" for Henki Ashi etc, even MT5 I think does not).

Of course I started by myself on MT4, so maybe its only because I am so used to MT4 I dislike Alveo, but then I have no issues with Ninjatrader and its different. The first broker I tried also rolled their own platform and I quickly did this, opened an MT4 demo elsewhere (then left the broker, as when you are using your own money never stay with a broker that does not give great tools)