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trick and ideas

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trick and ideas

trick and ideas

to read all the course when you are tired  and be able to read

I found the way to do it 

Ipad , 

accessibilité , voice 


go to apiary and  you heard every text 

very good for me in hospital in my bed to tired to read .

Have fun and good trading


Sun, 05/06/2018 - 7:38am

Thanks, Anne, Hope you get better :)

Tina T.


get well.

that is a good way to keep on learning.


TX Orok and Mezgetz

I was too painful for writing explanation to do it. So in my Post Today, I sent you a link for the way of doing it.
I stopped screaming all day long because of my pain.
Now I can do some little things and being a bit More comfortable.
I Feel better because all of the people around me and guy in a apiary who Sent me very very good thoughtS .

I thank You a lot
Don’t forget to share to others and say to me if it s helpufull .


Holiday seasons are very slow, good time to take a break from trading and read a good book which refreshes your mind