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Triple Convergence strategy

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Triple Convergence strategy

Strategy name: "Triple Convergence" (2 EMAS, MACD, STO)

Pair : ANY
Timeframe : tested with success on 15M chart for one month on EURUSD (January 2001, 83%/17% win/loss ratio, 27.10% return)

Indicators : EMAS 34, 55, 200 (200 EMA is used for stop loss) ; MACD 26,12,9; Stochastic 5,4,3; Bollinger Bands 20,2

BUY when "55 EMA is higher than 34 EMA" AND "MACD fast is higher than MACD slow" AND "STO fast is higher than STO slow" = triple convergence
SELL when "55 EMA is lower than 34 EMA" AND "MACD fast is lower than MACD slow" AND "STO fast is higher than STO lower" = triple convergence

ENTRY trigger = triple convergence to BUY OR SELL
Exception : don't open trades when pair price is in the zone between 34/55 and 200 EMAS or when indicators are too close and "flat"

EXIT strategy : 
TAKE PROFIT target : latest pivot high / low. INCREASE as soon as trailing stop loss is higher than breakeven and CONTINUOUSLY thereafter.
TSL Trailing stop loss : YES, using pivot high / low levels when possible.
STOP LOSS : a few pips "above or under 200 EMA" OR "last pivot high / low" OR "Bollinger Bands high / low / middle-average"

Note 1: this strategy is new for me and has not yet been tested on many different pairs, timeframes, and market conditions, but the first results seem encouraging.

Note 2: this strategy is posted on the forum as one of the requirements to reach Beeline Gold 1 ;-)

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Sun, 03/24/2019 - 6:27pm