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Turn Your Trading Profitable With This Quick 19 Second Fix


Turn Your Trading Profitable With This Quick 19 Second Fix

Hello All,


Turn Your Trading Profitable With This Quick 19 Second Fix


  • This Secret is EXACTLY why Pro traders grab profits at will from amateurs
  • The key to successful Forex trading is analysing each currency individually
  • They aren’t even looking at the right charts!!!

It’s time to address the pink elephant in the room, the tremendous failure of so many traders.

But there was one change of perspective that can change our lives from broke to generating high yielding profits.

This Secret is EXACTLY why Pro traders grab profits at will from amateurs

First, the tools and indicators most use—including candlesticks and everything else under the sun being taught (and sold by slick marketers)—that virtually every amateur trader depends on for understanding price movements have virtually NO useful information for forecasting future price action.

How to spot an upcoming change in direction by looking at the charts?

Yes – when you are looking for the RIGHT things, you can do exactly that. This leads me to the biggest reason amateur traders lose in Forex…

The key to successful Forex trading is Analyzing each currency individually

And yet when you look at those Forex charts, EUR/ USD for example, you are NOT analyzing a single currency – you’re analyzing two of them against each other.

This is EXACTLY the cause of so much confusion, anxiety, and loss of equity in amateur trader’s accounts.

They absolutely insist on following the tail of the next blind man and looking at these irrelevant charts that jam two distinct markets into one noisy picture, teaching nothing of value in the process.

They aren’t even looking at the right charts!!!

First, the tools and indicators most use—including candlesticks and everything else under the sun being taught (and sold by slick marketers)—that virtually every amateur trader depends on for understanding price movements have virtually NO useful information for forecasting future price action.

Yes – when you are looking for the RIGHT things, you can do exactly that. This leads to the biggest reason why  amateur traders lose in Forex…

That’s right…a currency pair is made up of two completely separate markets so looking at a chart of the pair is not useful, it limits the opportunities and it’s flat out NOT how pros including top hedge fund managers trade the Forex market.

Now let this next point sit in your mind as we go deep into it:


So many amateur traders pick “favorite pairs” to watch, the most popular being the EUR/USD. Well the EUR/USD chart doesn’t tell you anything. You need to look at what the EUR is doing and at the same time look at what the USD is doing to really know what’s going on and IF there is a trading opportunity at all.

Look at the Currency Strength Indicator Below:

The EUR (pink line) is strong (above the dotted zero line) and trending up with a lot of current momentum in the market, which would be a good currency to go long on (BUY).

However, the USD (blue line) is also strong (above the dotted zero line) but trading flat, which indicates no momentum on that currency. So why then would you trade that pair? If you are looking at only the EUR/USD pair on 1 chart, there is no way you would know what’s truly going on in the market. You are trading blind. A pro already knows this PAIR won’t move and therefore can avoid a choppy, sideways (and unprofitable) situation.

You’ve probably been in these frustrating situations where you get whipsawed around and stopped out several times trying to “guess” the direction of the move, am I right?

On the flip side, a pro trader who is looking at all of the currencies individually and therefore has eyes on the entire market would easily see that the AUD (orange line) is the weakest currency right now and trending down indicating current momentum. When you then pair the strongest (EUR) VS the weakest (AUD) with both showing current momentum, you get a move like this:

Look at the Currency Strength Indicator below:

The EUR (pink line) is strong (above the dotted zero line) and trending up with a lot of current momentum in the market, which would be a good currency to go long on (BUY).

However, the USD (blue line) is also strong (above the dotted zero line) but trading flat, which indicates no momentum on that currency. So why then would you trade that pair? If you are looking at only the EUR/USD pair on 1 chart, there is no way you would know what’s truly going on in the market. You are trading blind. A pro already knows this PAIR won’t move and therefore can avoid a choppy, sideways (and unprofitable) situation.

You’ve probably been in these frustrating situations where you get whipsawed around and stopped out several times trying to “guess” the direction of the move, am I right?

From the entry point, price on the EUR/AUD moves 35 pips within 5 minutes. So not only was this a high probability, low risk trade set up because you are pairing the strongest VS weakest but waiting for current momentum in the market gives you perfect timing as well!

Most amateurs wouldn’t even be looking at a pair like the EUR/AUD. This is how pros grab profits seemingly out of thin air in the Forex market.

So learn this lesson now, as it will be at the very core of ALL your future trading: The secret is Individual Currency Analysis.

Break the pairs apart, and you have the start of proper, insight rich analysis.

Individual Currency Analysis Is Simple...

This is how the pros consistently pick out high probability, low risk trade set ups. By pairing the strongest individual currency VS the weakest individual currency and then waiting for momentum that can push price in the direction of the established trend.

Imagine how much better your win/loss ratio would be if you could see which currencies were strong, which were weak and exactly when momentum was pushing price in the market.

Do you see how much would be in your favour on that trade?

LISTEN…Nobody (including the wealthiest traders in the world) have a crystal ball that can predict market movements. That’s all complete BS and the reason why you can’t become a consistently profitable trader is because of your never ending pursuit of this “Holy Grail”. But, what these Pros do consistently is place the odds in their favor by reading the market correctly.

The Simple Formula Used By Top Traders To Grab Forex Profits At Will

Match Strongest Currency VS Weakest Currency + Current Momentum = High Probability, Low Risk Trade Set Up

You can have unlimited returns in the Forex market and trade like the top 1%.

Do that on enough trades and watch what happens to your account balance.

On the flip side, a pro trader who is looking at all of the currencies individually and therefore has eyes on the entire market would easily see that the AUD (orange line) is the weakest currency right now and trending down indicating current momentum. When you then pair the strongest (EUR) VS the weakest (AUD) with both showing current momentum, you get a move like this:





Tue, 05/16/2017 - 9:15am

Thanks for sharing. Where do you find the currency strength indicator?


Hi There

Thanks for responding. I can see that you're serious about FX Trading!

It gives me great pleasure to share this link with you. Check out the Monthly and weekly readings and
you will get a shock to see which are the strong and weak currencies. I have no doubt in my mind that this will help
you to trade like a superstar professional.The lower time frames ie., 30, 15, 5 & 1MIN are great indicators re price
action and a currencies real strength in real time.

Here is the link:

Good luck


Thank you!


yeah, i've seen somebody posted this link before and it's an amazing tool. previously i've been trading this idea, but had to check all charts manually against each other to figure out the strongest and the weakest


Hey Niki all credit to you.It was you who inspired me with your post to go dig deeper into the subject.
I agree it is a great tool! Thanks!


Hello JRH,
I'm curious if you have explored the course further and if so, do you feel it is worth the time and cost?
I have looked thru the free material last night and it is an interesting concept. I went 7 wins 2 losses last night using this in combination with my normal entires so it seems to have some merit.
I would be interested in your comments.


I'll check that out too. Seems logical. I noticed though, that currently the JPY is strong and AUD is weak, but that pair is not listed in Alveo.



Thanks for both your responses.

Wow! 7 winning trades out of 9 . . . gosh that's a 77.78% win ratio!

I know and understand where you are coming from when you ask if the course is worth the time and the cost?

I am a self funded trader who started with only $300 and have grown this amount to $780 trading. Both the Community of
the Hive who very hands-on, knowledgeable people and the Course have helped me to refine and improve the way I trade. My short-term goal is to is to build my account up to at least $2,000 so that I can trade up to a maximum of 5 spreads, to include Indexes & Commodities. Actually where the highest probabilities lie. My self-funded account is only 2 months young.
Having your own funded account gives you the advantage of trading responsibly from the word go. Nobody likes to lose money. Nothing like coalface experience! (got the T-Shirt, Scars and Tattoos)

My own account is with Zulu Trade and I am very happy with them.

Whether to continue or not depends on how dedicated you are prepared to be. Their is always a huge price to pay for success.

If you get a chance have a look at my Trade Plan posted earlier. Maybe this will help you decide.

My other friend, I too feel the field/range of currency pairs at Apiary is very limited. I have already let them know this in writing.
I suggest that you too do the same.

Happy Trading.




good stuff!



Julie C

Hi jrh,

Thanks for introducing us to this, and for the link. It sounds very interesting! I have a few questions for you . . .

(1) They mentioned downloading an indicator for MT4. But us Apiary folks don't use MT4, we use Alveo. So, how can we use this indicator (without, that is, opening another account and using MT4)?

(2) What course did you take, and how many hours did it take to learn how to use the indicator?

(3) Given the number of hours of training we all have to do for our Apiary beeline work, does this provide a significant advantage over just doing the Apiary training? And how would you suggest fitting this in? Would you insert the training related to the currency strength indicator in right now, at wherever we're at in the beeline, and then pick up the Apiary training after doing this? If not, then how would you organize it?



I went thru the intro classes and tried for a while. it just moved to fast for me to follow and watch charts too. for me at least I would need a dedicated screen to use effectively. it seems to help but my bran cant get it coordinated lol jim


Hello Julie and Whilton,

Thank you for the great gap-free communication between us.
Its great not to have to work in a vacuum.

OK here goes:

You won't have to download this tool. Registration with them is absolutely free. Once registered,.CCt will send you your login
link which you keep saved in your mail account and use it as and when you require it. Training on this is minimal. Once you have registered, log into the site and watch the introductory video. As you do with the charts check the Monthly, Weekly and lower time cycles to get a more comprehensive picture of each currency and its strength or weakness.

Strength to you both.

Julie C

Hi Jrh,

Thanks for the fast reply -- I love communicating with someone who actually answers!

I couldn't really see a way on the site to use the tool from the website, but maybe it's because I didn't register. Hopefully once I register, it will become obvious how to access the tool.

So, did you merely watch the introductory video, start using the tool, and have it improve your trading that much without even buying a course?

Anyhow, I'll follow your instructions tonight. I have to go to bed after staying up all night to trade the New York open to meet a Silver I requirement.

:) Julie


Hi Julie.

You may call me John.

I used the tool prior to registering. No need once registered to do their courses and you should be able to
enter in unregistered.

Good luck with the Silver 1.

Ended the day securing 2,163.20 winning pips and I can kick myself by making a fossil-fingered mistake
by exiting the wrong trade and losing only 16.2 pips. I'll have to start all over again to have 2 days of winning trades and no losses. Yesterday, it was spot on. I intend to trade lightly and ACCURATELY tomorrow and Monday. (Got any spare tissues)

I hope you have a successful night trading.



Love the comments!

May I share an opinion on Charts;

1. Chart indicators provide "probability" not actual trending direction.
2. Support and Resistance only provide a better "probability"
3. One could argue a trend direction for any trade taken; thus, not a very valid "probability"
4. Successful trade probability increases with proper stop loss setting.

I find that a trend direction established on the 4 H chart has more validation; however, by the time that's established it's changing due to the 200 ema crossover. So, one could argue the D1 chart; however, current events every 3rd month tend to move the trend a different direction as well. So, now your basing a trend on the 1H chart, again you place an order just to find that a major pull back trend has just began and last all night and sometimes will last several more days.

Do you realize the actual price movement in one year can come in 2 or 3 months or a particular time cycle. Thus, the EUR/USD pair moves aprox. 1,400 pips per year; which by the way, has been matched as of yesterday.

Solution: Let the market decide by using break out strategies that move in the direction of best probability; thus, the bullish breakout on the GBP/USD in night trading. Also, the bearish breakout on the USD/JPY, also during the night session.

Just an opinion, hope this helps.


Hello Triguylm1,

Thank you for you informed opinion which I have carefully and respectfully read.
I fully agree with your viewpoint and clarify that I would in no way trust this tool on it's own.
It is also true that the market also has specific seasonal cycles which can vary with price movement
spanning at times for only 2 or 3 months.

Something which I read recently shed some interesting thoughts about the seasonality of the market.
I have attached this report which may interest you. However, it only deals with Large, mid and small-cap stocks.

Thanks for your invaluable input and opinion.



I had a currency strength indicator for MT4 that looked similar to your post.
I followed the link you posted but with no results. Has that website gone down? Is there an alternate link to the currency strength indicator?

I saw that Oanda has one but haven't tested theirs.



I am using the currency strength meter in the following link:


Some interesting stuff you shared. I sure will try out anything new that can help me get more profitable as I am starting to get irritated with this. Two days in a row I have win to loss ratio of 70+ % and then in one day I manage to ruin the month of good work. I don't switch the strategies very often as they teach us, I follow the rules, I read the charts, watch the news, I mean I do everything in the exact same way, and yet, one day I may have 150+ pips, next day something less, and then have 500 pips loss...

And I was so close to get to Gold II, now I have to start over...


@jrh thank you for this, I believe it's powerful information. I've actually been noticing this phenomenon and using it, except I didn't think of being able to examine the individual currencies! I just remember hearing a while back (last couple weeks or so) the administration wanting to weaken the dollar for international trade reasons. So I've been keeping that in the back of my mind when making trading decisions. USD/XXX pairs seem to be trending DOWN, while XXX/USD pairs seem to be trending UP.

Having access to actual information should prove extremely beneficial, so I'll definitely begin looking at the individual currencies as you have suggested.

This is an example of why these forums are like a gold mine! Makes the Apiary Fund, to which we are all contributors (or in my case, and many others, contributors-in-training) all the more successful.


I found this one... a different layout to similar data.

Julie C

Hi John,

I surmise from what you said about working on two winning days without a loss that you must be on Bronze III. I found that exercise very difficult because my main strategy involves scalping. I like to close trades quickly if they start going against me, rather than sitting through drawdowns. With that kind of strategy, taking small losses is a part of the plan. So, to get through those two days, I opened a high probability trade, closed it as fast as I could with a profit, and then refrained from trading until the date changed. I made a mistake once and closed a trade with a small loss, so had to start over.

Anyhow, I think you said you had 2,163.20 pips for one day -- did I get that right? That would be phenomenal! Or did I get that wrong? It sounds more like a typical pip total for a month!

I am going to go try to figure out how to use the currency strength tool from the website. I like the idea of it because it sounds like something that could really put probabilities in our favor. :)


Thanks jrh,

I like your analysis of the USD. in fact the Commodities USD index was at 101.000 a typically high price back on April 10 and 11th, has been bearish to now. just dropped again this week by another 50% from May 11th. currently a moderate 97.68.

So, this corresponds to the USD/JPY currency pair bearish move this week.

Good analysis!!

Hope this helps.


Wow! Thanks to all of you for both your invaluable contributions and positive responses.

Well now, let me begin to answer you as follows:

RALEIGH0818 - Thank you for the link you shared!

EDNASA26 - View this video at this link to give you a fresh perspective on how to profit from trading - Good Luck and keep us in the loop as how you are doing - we really do care:

Brian J - Thanks for the shared link!

Julie C - The pips are correct - This is the last task for me to complete Bronze 3 - Thanks for the advice and excellent pointers.
Today I'm going to dress up as a Red Indian and do some serious scalping. I observed that we have a large contingent of men in the Hive who have already been scalped! Julie I trade the whole nine yards ie., Long, Intermediate and short-term. On my self funded account I have found that I trade much better because of the limitless options offered by the market. Of late I have been trading USOil and making a packet.

Great Trading to all!!!



Thank you for your kind words and observations which are priceless!

I too have been watching USD/JPY like a hawk.

Great trading my well versed and informed friend . . . it is reassuring to have you around.

May I ask what your name is? The reference above is quite lengthy.

Cheers for now.


I have used this tool and it has helped me on my trades.




Well done! Thank you for telling me.

I am overjoyed to hear that it is working for you.

Soldier on and keep up the good work.



Interesting. But does not the price action tell the same story?


Price action does for the single pair. The difference is that this theory looks at the relative value of the individual currencies. So you match a strong currency with a weak currency to get a pair to trade.


It has been working well for me also...thank you John!


The relative strength should provide more of a leading indicator than price action. This is because if currency A is weaker, and currency B is stronger, then A/B seems more likely to trend lower, while B/A seems more likely to trend higher. Whereas PA (price action) is really only a record of what has happened in the past. Of course, support/resistance and other PA factors reflected in a chart can provide a good foundation for making an educated guess.

One way to look at it is, assume there's a line of resistance above you (price action.) The A/B pair mentioned above might have a harder time busting through the resistance, because that pair is trading more bearish (as determined by the relative strength indicator.) But for B/A maybe it would stand a better chance of breaking out above resistance.

Those are my thoughts. Maybe someone else has more experience using this, but it is a valuable discussion at any rate.

Oh yeah, and if I've got it backwards, I hope somebody will speak up! LOL


Hi All you busy and lazy bees,

There is a lot of valuable info for all of you in the Lazy Bee post.

Thank you for all the comments and valuable contributions.

At last I am trading according to my own personality fit - I trade now expansively with from 3 to 6 currency pairs which I watch like a hawk. They vary in their strategic requirements, and I trade better under pressure and sing with the market. For 2 days in a row I managed to generate over 1000 winning pips and yesterday 570. What I find that works best for me is trading in a relaxed and controlled mode after all the preceeding hard prep work has been done before this. It is a case of getting into the pilots seat and flying the aeroplane, never asking, "What must I do?", but confidently knowing what I must do to make it happen. If a medical surgon ever took up his scalpel and asked that question in my presence, I would leave Dodge in a hurry.

I scalp a carefully selected high probability currency spread, while at the same holding onto those entries which are long term (etc.) addiing mini lots along the way. I strictly exit all trades, taking my profits once they have reached 31% of the anticipated target. I then re-enter trades with smaller lot sizes, cashing in along the way. If you consider the foregoing, my risk is reduced, less confusing and manageable.

Remember the same shoe does not fit all. For my personality to engage in the "A" game mode every day, I make sure that all emotions, except inner peace, joy, dicipline, persistance and boldness to act are present and bad habits are dealt with without mercy.
I love a variety of foods and activities, always trying to retain a sense of balance in my life.

Keep well and sting the market like bees do when they attack an enemy. Also keep up the healthy cross-pollination of ideas.


@jrh - those numbers are impressive. I have not been doing anywhere near that. I've been getting my you-know-what kicked.

I don't know what the deal is. Just seems like so many trades are going against me. So I really was wondering if I might hear from some of y'all whether anyone was pulling pips out. And there, I see you are doing it!

Thank you for sharing, and I do applaud your success. You give me something to aspire towards. An above zero account is my main goal at the moment. ;)


Thank you for your kind words and interest.

#1. I do not claim to have found the "Holy Grail". My improved results came from the Apiary training as well as contributions from the community, you included. Thank you.

#2. Looking back, there are a number of psychological factors which have had a huge impact: I changed my mindset from myopic to thinking “Out of the box”. My self-funded account with Zulu Trade & their platform provided with AAAFX has from the very beginning taught me to take full responsibility for my actions. By the way with them I am achieving even more winning pips because of the unrestricted range of instruments available to choose high probability trades from. Because of this I have become an expansive trader. I trade a basket of currencies simultaneously (3 to 6 max although my bias is up to 5), using multiple strategies focused exclusively on the currencies selected. I find it more manageable and less risky. (I think my wife Helena would make a better trader then I with her multitasking capabilities). I have also learned through sheer practice to think on my feet during busy trading sessions.

#3. In the past (7 years) I was losing money based upon the perspective of the herd, who when like myself they first approach the market and are taught the exact same things. We are taught that we have to follow the news and the fundamentals to understand the market. We are taught that news and fundamentals drives the market. Improvement came when I started to study the market in more of an in-depth fashion, rather than relying upon the superficial layer relied upon by the masses. And, the question that pushed me into another direction was that if I am doing the same thing as most everyone else in the market, how will I be able to outperform the market?

#4. I try to close out all my positions daily and re-engage with the same or added currency pairs which I have assessed. I only leave only a few mini lots for the home run. I set my targets to take profit at 31% of the actual target. Beyond this I do quick scalping and swing trades using 0.03 to 0.05 lot sizes.
#5. TIMING – I have found that there are better bargain main support and resistance prices to be found to initiate my very first orders for the week during the Sydney open when the market is in slumber. I also trade into the late hours on Thursdays because of the short time cycle into Friday followed be the market gap. For me the highest daily volume to price times are from 06h00 – 10h30 (SAST) and 12h00 to 16h00 (SAST).

The immediate effect on me is that I have shifted from seeing money and investment as something anxious and uncertain, and full of hope and fear, to something that is fun, exciting, and full of freedom and possibilities. That's my story, anyway!
Included you will find attached my TRADE PLAN, a comprehensive insight into the disciplines which I practice.

Here is an important video link for you to view which if applied will drastically drive you toward success!!!

I sincerely hope that the foregoing makes sense and of value to you.

Warm regards


FAG - TRADE PLAN JRH.docx 23.62 KB

well Mr. JRH... your story is awesome and I'm glued to reading it like a good book.

Already, some of your ideas have helped me, such as the principle of taking trades once they reach their 30% potential.

I combined that with something else you mentioned about "layering." (That might be the word I used to remember what you said. It might not be the actual word you remember.) Basically, that I opened up layers of trades on the same pair, often at the same time. But I'll set one to take the profit at 30%, another a 60%, another one is set all the way, in case it hits the home run and goes over the fence.

Yesterday, I did that. And I happened to be sitting there watching as it just kept going, and going and going. Since I was sitting there, I was free to keep moving my TP lines up, up, up on multiple trades; moving my SL lines up, up, up behind them.

So I do sincerely appreciate all that you share and what you share greatly inspires me!

Happy trading, and best of success to your BEES-KNEES!!!

I will read your stuff.


Hi Brianj2,

I feel humbled by your compliment, nevertheless thank you.

Your success is my success . . . You have clearly comprehended the strategy . . . if you stick to it you are going to blow off the roof in pips. Tell me did you feel more relaxed and in control when you traded this way?

All the best.


Well, I do always trade from a relaxed stance. Even when I lose pips, I'm gaining something of greater value = experience. I learn from every incidence.

But I do very much like the layering approach.

A lot of the turndown I experience is because I have to work out my timing for detecting and entering swing reversals. I'm keying off major support/resistance zones, so I'm usually picking price targets offering a substantial reward. If I happen to pick even 10 or so bad entries, I keep the losses tight. Still, 10 trades losing 3 pips still adds up to 30 pips.

What really helped is to wait until I get the move in the right direction, and THEN start layering in the additional trades. It gives a multiplier effect.

Say I had 4 trades go against me @ 5 pips apiece, which is pretty high for me, I'm down 20 pips. But when I do get my reversal, I hit 10 pips, then layer in another one. If that second one brings 10 pips, I've now gained 30, and I'm net +10 (counting my initial 20 pip loss.)

Doesn't sound like much, but remember I was looking at maybe a 50 pip move, so I've still got 20-30 more. If I happen to be at the computer, I can move my TP lines up and possibly grab 40 more, since the 20-30 is times 2, giving me net 50. In my case, I actually had layers to a total of 4 trades at one point, which helped me out even more.

As soon as I see a reasonable pullback/reversal, it gives me a new place to move my SL lines. I like to do that as SOON as I can get to a risk-free trade setup.

At that point, yeah, I'm relaxed. I think what bugs me is those times of day when the market isn't moving, because then it is pins and needles, twisting and turning. I'm learning to feel the market when it enters that phase, at which point, I close the computer and go do something else.

I'm not sure if this is the best approach, but it is where I'm at today.

Thank you sir, for all your invaluable input. I am enriched by your contributions, along with many others in the forums.



Would this information on currency futures suffice for the use you suggest?


Greatly enjoy all of your posts.



Hi Rob,

It is too early for me to give you a clear and honest answer on this. I will have to test it's accuracy and will do.

Thank you for sharing this link it looks interesting!

Once I know more I shall share with you - In the mean time you can record a few days readings and then examine their accuracy compared to historical charts, matching the same dates.



Thanks John! I will be using the futures as a guide and see how it works.


I don't really see how you count 1000-2000 pips daily. Could you make a video of your trading session? Or picture on trade result marked all the entry and exit?
For me 10 position on the same 100 pips move still just 100 pips.


Hello Viktor,

A pleasure to meet you!

Thanks for the kind suggestion about me possibly making a video - Too early for me as I feel I am still not a good enough a trader to do this . . . you are by far better looking than me, so we could use you as the presenter and me as the producer - Lol! It is a great suggestion and a possibility to seriously consider in the future!

I am now in a place where I am starting to lean how to "think out of the box" and I am presently fine-tuning my present strategies which are thankfully working well for me. My present research is focused on finding a tried and proven trading-edge method to accurately identify WHERE? WHEN? & HOW? the big institutions trade. I believe that this is the "Golden Key" to ensure consistent & profitable low-risk trading in all market sectors. Finding WHEN the big institutions order flow begins will give us the ultimate-edge we all so earnestly desire. Yes, to find specific predetermined points of entry free of second-guessing the market Also to stop us from trading with the herd. For now I only have the spade and I am looking for the location ie., WHERE to dig it out? Knowing the SEASONALITY of the markets is equally important. At present I feel like a med student being forced to do a brain surgery, but with time and focus and with everybody's help, we together will get there. Anybody disagree? Put up your third hand.

Enough rambling from me . . . now how can I best assist you my friend?

Read my attached Trade Plan for silver 3 and look also at my other forum posts and those of other forums.

Hope this helps you - if not fire away.


I have tried to scalp and do short term trades by analyzing individual currencies
as covered in this thread but this did not work because by the time I found the
strongest and weakest and took it over to Alveo to put on the trade, the market
move was ALREADY DONE.

This is of course because, like most other indicators, this is a LAGGING indicator.

That being said, I think this would have a better application on longer trends and
time frames such as M15, M30 and above. I now have a longer term viewpoint
than the micro immediate trading view that I had in the past so will try this again
with a longer time frame.


Hi Ronsedlak,

I agree that this works best with longer term trades, but if you try the following link in alignment with this meter, it may help you with short term trades:

Please keep in touch and let me know if it helps.

Thanks in advance.


Another suggestion: Keep the URL open for the Currency Strength Meter open for reference while you trade.


Dear JRH

Greetings from the south hemisfere, and same parallel. The indicator that you shared above Currency Strength Momentum from CCT is the best thing I saw at this market, fits to all strategies and puts all we here to the next level. Thank you very much and wish the double to you. Some day I will meet you and can put somethings together. I have 17 years of frustation at brazilian stock market, then I realized that this market is no good and shifteted to Forex and found Apiary. Took lots of years to realize that but am very persistent, finally think that got there and you have a part of this, thank you again. I suggested to put this indicator at alveo.


Thanks for Sharing!


Thanks guys! Because you took the time to answer this post I share a special gift with you - Check this link out and align it with the CCi indicator - Take note at the bottom of the charts displayed on the individual currencies and you will see where the hedge funds are investing!!! click on the small charts so that they can enlarge.

Would be great to meet you Dirceudenadal. If you would like to you can mail me at: jrh@telkomsa,net



A lot of good information here.
Thank you !





Thanks for the link. I find the individual charts easier to understand that the currency strength graphs.



Thanks Greg!

I am so glad it will help you succeed - your success is my success.

I can add a thank you here as well, thank you for sharing this! Hint, for scalping on the M1, I tend to use RSI and Stochastic for confirmation before jumping in and you should be able to do just fine. I also set take profit for 10 pips by default or look for the the amount of pips in the near range but this is usually 10-15 pips anyway.






The link to "" is the best Forex tool I ever saw.

I am new to Forex and did not know individual currency strength tools were available.

Up until now, I was focused on a single pair, the EURUSD.

With this tool, I quickly saw the advantage it gave to selecting other pairs where both currencies were moving in a direction that would influence the direction of the pair you were trading. This clearly will increase probability of winning trades.

I am anxious to do further research on this data.

Thank you.



Thank you for the courtesy to take time to thank me.

I am glad that you find it useful.

The very best to all of you.


Thanks for the two urls. Not yet used them. However I can see that they are probably the very best tools available. Going to use it tonight for overnight!


Sita, thanks for you personal mail you sent me!

This is where I get my gratification, when I can help in a small meaningful way to empower others.
I still use these tools with great effect. What works . . . works . . . why reinvent the wheel?

Please stay in touch with me and keep me updated on your progress and let me know if I can help you further.


John, very interesting. I will definitely try this.
Thanks for sharing


My Pleasure


Hi John,
Been catching up on this string. I went and located the Currency Strength graph and practiced with it.

My question is:

How do YOU apply it??

I was using the 5M price chart and the 5M Strength chart, which didn't give any advanced notice of the next move.
I then switched to the 1M Strhegth chart, which moved in conjunction with the candle changes on the 5M Price chart.

In my head I am thinking the Strength Chart would be more insightful on a longer term chart to get the individual currencies' strengths vs. using it on the same time frame as the moves occur.

Would like to know what combination of time frames you have found most helpful/successful.

Next I am going to try 1hr Strength Chart to get bigger term pic of the individual pairs and trade either the 5m or 15m charts.
I am also thinking a 1D Strength Chart might be the way to go to cut down on the conflicting data.

Looking forward to your Lessons Learned in using these charts.

Best Regards,


In addition, to the above comment, I was searching around on the Finviz site and found this, which is VERY user friendly to compare the different currencies. The only drawback is that the lowest time frame that you can use it is D. (Maybe that is telling us something re: the best time frame to utilize this data!!)
I attached a sample of what it looks like.



Please don't pay attention to last comment. I was so excited to find it I didn't read the fine print (ie the labels). That link is not for currencies. I don't know how to delete it.


Hello Sandy,

I will mail you with my reply. This is now a very old thread and so much has happened for the better since then.

Speak to you later.



Hi , I use this currency strength indicator. it is similar to what JRH recommend and it is free.


John, Can you point me to the latest as well? Just started reading this thread. Thanks for your contribution here. Lawrence


No problem


Thanks for sharing!


what settings do you use on the currency strength indicator for time frame and look back period?


Hello my new friends above,

thank you for showing an interest in this CSI tool.

So much has happened and changed in my life for the better since I first posted this in the month of May. WOW! time flies!

I now use the following currency strength indicators +++:

Monthly, weekly & Daily settings (shorter time cycles are far too noisy to be insightful. I view these only on Sundays, before the new week begins. On the longer time frames I scrutinise the supply and demand levels. And most importantly, I examine the real volume indicator. Volume drives price! Hope this makes sense. Clarity and sound, reliable info is vital for success. I also do not follow any trade signals blindly. The best is to analyze them before deciding to trade them. Here are the links I view on Sundays:

The following Heat Map I check every Morning. Here is the link:

Hopefully this with help up your game as it did mine.

Top Gun trading to all of you.


Hi jrh,thanks for the links and all this info.I used to do something like this with IBD.They have some charts in the paper but I didn't follow through with it.This complete currency trader seems a little more involved and makes sense.i am glad you're having success with it.thanks for sharing.


I am a relative newbee to the trading world. I thank you and everyone who has provided this great information. I will begin to utilize it next week. Enjoy the time off from trading. Rest and recharge.

Thanks again all. May we all know the love and salvation of Yeshua (Jesus). Good Shabbat



Hi jrh,thanks for the links


Thanks for your prompt e-mail reply.


Thank you so much you wonderful people above!

Nothing will gratify me more in this short lifetime than to see all of you being successful with your trading.

Be willing to do the hard work and the rewards will come. Remember you reap much more than what you sow.

I believe in you, believe in yourself and do well!

God bless


As a new-bee I would like to thank all of you for the great info. I have lots to learn and a long way to go. I feel with a community such as this, that journey will be much shorter. (invaluable) So glad I found Apiary and this thread!!

James Braun

Oh wow good stuff thanks for sharing, jrh!

I'm curious what do you look for on the finviz futures information?


Hello James & 2Terry,

Great to meet you both! Thank you.

If you click on the small charts presented by FIN VIS you can get a good look and analyse the candles of the individual, stand alone currencies. The strength or weakness of the close candle becomes the "Insurance candlestick/bar" as to it's anticipated direction. The stronger the candle the better. I hope that makes insightful sense.
I try to couple the strongest currencies with the weakest for better results.

Top gun trading to you both. I look forward to seeing all of you in gold.


Thank you so much for all the great links and suggestions in this thread!! Great new information here. FIN VIS is a really valuable site. I look forward to practicing with the new indicators. Also the currency HEAT map. Is there a way to add points of percent change to the Alveo watchlist? It shows current spread but have not seen a way to add any other columns in their default watchlist. Thanks and good luck traders!!


I think this concept is a great insight into trading. By selecting the best probability of a winning trade, the other trades are not considered. My difficulty is which time period should I use. As others have found the 1 and 5 min are too short to set up a trade and
make it profitable, I have used the 15 min time period and monitor using the 5 min. I also use the MACD to monitor the momentum.
This has been working. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Paul. unfortunately i will not be able to help you with your Alveo problem. I only place trades on Alveo and do my technical analysis and chart pattern reading using outside sources. I use Metaf for this purpose, because I get both top class charts and below it currency strength analysis. Here is the link:

Gewhite01, I suggest that you use Metaf for your trading using the 1 & 4hr setting. See my share with Paul above and the link. Oh by the way it is free!
If you look above you you with find my comprehensive description for the time periods to use. MACD is good, but my preference is RSI 9 for all chart time frames.

Hope this helps you both.

PS. Thanks for your kind words!


Great idea to look at each currency individually.
Makes logical sense.
I'm going to check it out!
Thank you!
Happy trading.


Hello Brenda,

Great to meet you and thanks!

Top Gun trading to you


Thanks for the links, great stuff.


It is great information, thank you for sharing


My pleasure!

James Braun


Check out (setup a free account)
What I do is I added all of the currency pairs that are available to trade in Alveo to a watch list (this site has all cucrrency pairs start with this character ^ so for example search for ^AUDCAD and so on)

Then take a look at the MyBarchart - Site Preferences, Chart Views, and Templates. You can setup your own customized settings. The site already has some default configured views and after you add the pairs to the watch list you can use "Main View" for instance and sort it by % of change or many other things.

Once you get your chart templates setup, like set it to candles and add whatever indicators you want, then go to your watchlist and select Flipcharts. You can flip through all the charts and switch between the template settings you configured.... once you got all of your settings dialed in then you can truly appreciate the site....this is how I scan through charts looking for setups and then know what to focus on in Alveo.


Hi James,

Thanks for sharing such invaluable insights with me!

I like the take on being able to flip through the charts and saving time, which is few.

Happy trading


Jrh can you tell me which broker do you use to trade with zulu trader?


Hi jrh,

thank you for your sharing a lot of thoughts on the Apiary forum.

You are a very good contributor. :-)

Good luck and steady success!




Hi Sabin,

I have moved away from Zulu Trade and advanced to Oando Europe Branch, who offer much more superior service & the best charts in the market. I only wish I knew about them earlier!

Hello Gerald,

Thank you for your most kind words. My genuine gratification comes from helping others succeed.
If this has helped you in any way, I will be very happy.

Top Gun trading to you.



jrh, thanks for the info on the currency strength indicator. I have used it only on my last 13 trades. So far... so good...10 winners out of my last 13 trades; but this is a very small sample. I will feel more comfortable with it if I have similar results over my next 100 trades. I am using the 1 minute with a look back of 60.


Jrh- thanks for sharing your trading plans, but I wasn't able to access them. It said the server couldn't find them. I used Safari and Chrome. I was wondering if you could somehow make them more accessible. Thanks!


Are you using the currency strength indicator from CCT? If so, are you using the introduction model or the upgraded version? I see you can lease the upgraded version month to month. Question is... is it worth the monthly cost? Is it that much better than the introduction model?


Thank you all above me!

Seeing that you are such wonderful people I am going to share a great link which does not cost you a cent and it is the Rolls Royce of currency strength analysis. I went deep sea fishing two weeks ago and found this very rare gem which is sure to give all of you a leading edge in the forex market. So good and effective it is that I have abandoned CCS etc. Hold on to your hats! Here goes:

You will see a first class chart to work from and the big bonus is below the chart is a currency strength graph!!!
Familiarize yourself with how it works using different time frames: I favor the weekly, daily 4 hr & 1 hr charts and currency strength chart. Take note of the position they cross over at or near the "0" line (currency strength chart) which I call the datum/equilibrium line. I sincerely hope that it will satisfy your curiosity.

God abundantly bless all of you.


PS. Cheryl forget the other indicators - this one is hot property and rated first class.


jrh, thanks so much for the Mataf recommendation! I have struggled with trading, and making slow progress, I guess I am a slow learner. Do you use this one mostly on Sunday nights too, or do you use it extensively through the trading week? Thanks for any pointers you can give on your utilization.

Bob Eisele


Hi Bob,

Yes I now use it Sunday nights as well. I think that we can all say that we are slow learners. So don't feel alone. Trading is a hard upward battle and through persistent practice we will eventually succeed consistently.



In this thread you have mentioned both finviz and the currency strength dashboard from CCT. Which do you find more useful; and are you using either on a daily basis?

Is anyone else in this forum using either finviz or the currency strength dashboard from CCT? What has been your experience? I welcome all comments.



Hi guys, great information on this thread, thank you all.



I use complete currency trader as well as winners edge trading strength meter. I like to utilize the M1 60 period on the complete one, and use the winnersedge to compare different time frames. If I find correlation among varying time frames, then I will trade the strongest and the weakest pair. Sometimes I will look for divergences in a pair beginning, and follow them to look for momentum.


Thanks for the links, great stuff.


jrh you are the best


Hey Friends,

Great to meet all of you & thanks!

Pattiron above gives a very sound and usable solution - thanks for sharing! I will most certainly have a look at winners edge trading strength meter. Trading the strongest against the weakest currency is the way to go!

Len if you click on the small charts on finvis they enlarge to a more readable version. I study the patterns and price action of the candles. The larger and stronger the closing candle readings the higher the probability of direction, up or down. I now use Metaf as previously stated, instead of CCT. It is a matter of choice. CCT is also OK and its use is somewhat similar to that of finvis, except for the absence of candles.

Keep up the "A" game and may you all be consistently profitable.


jrh and pattiron,

Thanks for your input.

I am currently using all 3, CCT finviz and winners edge. I am comparing them to see which I like the best. No opinion as of yet.


Hey john...thank you for the added insight.. i have downloaded the strength indicator.


Thanks John, very interesting!


Thanks for your thanks above . . . great courtesy shown by all of you great people.
I believe sincerely because of your zeal to learn, you are about to become 1st class, consistently profitable traders!!!
Repetition is the mother of skill - Press on Top Gun Traders!


Thanks for sharing JRH.

Your initial post link is pretty similar to this Heatmap I'm using for a while, mapping all currency pairs to the current strengths individually, showing the strongest against the weakest.



Thanks for sharing Rob!


i actually already use this - I found it about a year ago. I trade the weekly charts, where it is not so important. But with Beeline, many of the tasks are short-term trades, so the currency strength indicator becomes very useful.


Here is the MT4 version of the same indicator from the same site as completecurrencytrader

Load it on any 1min chart (MT4) then stretched the indicator panel up to overtake the chart panel as much as possible

Its lookback period can be set to any value of your choosing - 60min is the default


ps. make sure to have all symbols enabled in your market watch.

CurrencyStrengthChart.ex4 47.74 KB

Thanks for sharing. I have been using a similar tool that is installed on your local PC. I downloaded it from



Interesting information here, I'll be testing this out this week!
Thanks all.


JRH I will surely try the link .
By the way, I just made to Gold III, two days short of 3 months from my first trade in Copper I.

The sharing by so many bees of their strategies and ideas certainly helped.


Congratulations arsitaraman, Wow, just since June to funded account!

The currency index is an excellent tool, but over confidence in indicators has put me in a hole that is taking months to dig out. Now I'm about even, I just need to grab about $250.00 in profits to move up to Gold 2.


Ditto Congratulations Arsitaraman!!!

Thanks to all above for your contributions.


tri & jrh:
Thanks. All was possible only by taking advantage & gaining knowledge from bees sharing with each other. My sincere thanks to all the bees.
It was one thing satisfying the requirements of copper,bronze,silver and gold I & II levels and another thing to consistently making money. Fine tuning the strategies( may have to change strategy even) and reining the wayward habits is an absolute must to succeed. Trying hard to do this!


hey thanks for sharing the indicator for currency strength the only thing I would say is your comment about taking the weakest against the strongest although this sounds like the obvious match I will say this when you have that match you will see big spokes before the move you are looking for because if every one is selling said currency pair the spike before the move your looking for could spike you out or have to have a much wider stop loss in place I would suggest matching a stronger pair with one that has neither a lot of selling or buying pressure this pair will just get dragged along with your pair and will from experience have much smoother move in the direction that your going for remember even if the pair is the weakest that means every in the world is selling it and could lead to big spikes of course this is just my 2 cents but if you look back and compare moves from pairs that are a strongest and weakest and pairs that are strongest and say a middle of road one I think you will see much smoother directional moves. again just my 2 cents and any feedback or discussion about it would be greatly appreciated. but overall I agree with you 100 percent hard to know where and what the world is doing if you don't know the current strength of a individual currency great advise and I wish all the bees good luck and prosperous trading


if we scalp for few pips here and there what would be the best settings to use on CCT site and what patterns we are looking for?


Thomas thanks! point well taken, making good sense! Fortunately I am an astute student of price action and reading of candle patterns, which guide me in my selected trades irrespective of the CCT readings.

Yes Arsitaraman, I agree that our biggest challenge in Gold 2 is to identify deal with "the other side of us" which is hampering our consistency and progress.

Nick sorry I can't help with the CCT settings for scalping, because I do scalp only by ovservation of candle pattern readings. I have found that the smaller CCT time readings are too busy to make any sense.

Thomas 2 Trade

thanks for the education, makes perfect sense, BBBUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZ,,,,,, GO HIVE!


Thank you fellow trader jrh.

However i was taking a course with market trader institute and on live analyst on demand the mentor who was presenting us a strategy live on 15 m TF said that scalpers use this indicator (CCT) on smaler time frames to scalp the markets. As i see you claim someting totaly doferent here that this indicator is not useful on 1m tf for scalping and timing.

Ok i respect!))


Excellent strategy. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks to Thomas, Nick and Raul!

May your trading and learning experience be abundantly blessed!


i like your possitive attitude and encouragement fellow trader Jrc.

But if my trading is aboundlely blessed which is the purpose of all involved in this bussines, someones else's trading wll be aboundly cursed as it is a zero sum game. )). . As i see it is to make sure that my life first of all is aboundly blessed meaning basically living with integrity before God and men, and after let our trading be an extenion of that blessing we already have in order to be able to help other people "stealing"
some money from the big sharks out there and buldozas. ))

Happy tading and life to all of the bees here! ))


Wow. Thank you , what a tool. It makes so much sense. go Hive


Wow. Thank you , what a tool. It makes so much sense. go Hive


Thanks Chris 82!

Nick very true words spoken! I am with you 100%. The other day I heard a great definition of the word integrity. It is......,
"Keeping a commitment which is not changed by circumstances". It is also about being faithful, trustworthy and having a Christ-like character which expresses the fruit of the Spirit as recorded in Gal 5:22-23. It is the greatest example and legacy we can leave behind us when one day we pass on.


Hi John,

Thanks for your sharing!
This evening, at when Sidney opens, i will start to use it :)

God bless you!

Best Regards


Thanks jrh!

These words and encouraging you say about integrity and and Christ like character i think is more worthy and beneficial than a 100 standard lot winning position. Because Jesus said what a profit would be for someone if he can win the whole world but he would lose his soul. So trading is good but leaving a legacy of a SPIRIT FILLED LIFE and a godly footprint on this earth is even better.

I m very glad when we encourage one another in this community with a good spirit of love and respect ! It motivates our trading too. ))


The metaf chart is good but it was taken from tradingview .com. Trading view is used a lot.


Tim the URL you gave is not authentic. You must look to see if it carries 'https'


Hey JRH, can you upload to me the trading strategy document for Silver III that you mention above. The link is no longer there and I would like to try it. I have been struggling at Silver III for almost 6 months. I am searching for something that I can understand and fits my trading schedule since I can't do this full time yet.

You can email it to me if you want.

Dave Reed


Thank you to Samuel, Nick, Anncj190, Dave!

Please forgive me for the delay in my reply. Whew! Time is very short and I have been extremely busy of late.

Dave as per your request, here is my trade plan for Silver 3. If you want to be kept in the loop as to where I am headed, please visit my profile which I update from time to time.
God abundantly protect and bless you all.


Hello thanks JRH for that link.


Always a pleasure!


Thanks for all of the very useful information.I am going to try this strategy and I will get back to you . All of your comments and responses were very helpful and informative



Thanks for all of the very useful information.I am going to try this strategy and I will get back to you . All of your comments and responses were very helpful and informative



Hello JG an honor and privilege to meet you,

Thanks for your spirit of appreciation. Whatever you do, don't give up. Fight the Good fight of faith!

May you be abundantly blessed and overcome every challenge through to victory!



Thanks for sharing this information John. Makes a lot of sense.


Very interesting. Using individuals of a pair instead of the "pair" to show what is happening.


jrh, thank you for your extensive write up. the London open strategy is very interesting, i'll mock it up and give it a go, much tks.


Great post. thank you!!


Great post. thank you!!


@JRH, thanks for this post, wish I understood it back in 5/2017..:))


So many amateur traders pick “favorite pairs” to watch, the most popular being the EUR/USD. Well the EUR/USD chart doesn’t tell you anything. You need to look at what the EUR is doing and at the same time look at what the USD is doing to really know what’s going on and IF there is a trading opportunity at all.

Look at the Currency Strength