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Umm, I think there's a problem

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Umm, I think there's a problem

I stepped away for lunch, came back and saw all positions closed with stats at the bottom showing this:

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Wed, 02/17/2016 - 2:51pm

I think what is more frustrating is that I only had to complete the 100 trades to finish off Silver 3, but now I have like 4 steps I need to complete again... 8(


I would call support asap


I if it was your real money with the broker; not Apiary money. I love the see the reaction, lol!!!

Eliezer D. Andino

checked mine am same issues. 2day must b our lucky day. Check your stats page


Go apiary u can fix it :-)


It appears to have fixed itself and is showing correctly now??


Problem with liquidity provider

error from liqd provider.JPG
Eliezer D. Andino

This must b spiritual electronic warfare lip vs us traders. Mb we need to pray against that negative spirit causing Colten so much grief. Ok prayer warriors get with it and let's get this handled. We will get the victory. It ain't over till it's over

Go Colton go Colton we r with u man :-)


Alveo website froze on my computer all day. I trade EUR/USD. I had to shut down and restart my computer then log back in to Alveo Everytime I did that I lost pips... Weird. I went from 10 pips gain to 50 pips loss. How does this happen?

Robert G


A trade of mine was rejected even though it wasn't in excess of the risk rules. It showed a -9082 pip loss even though the market got nowhere near my entry price. My stats didn't indicate this phantom loss thankfully!


Are you a scalper?


Mine also showed that I lost 11000 pips. I called support and they got it straightened out but my largest loss still shows -100%.


Better call Saul....


New problem, can not load order data on Alveo just before GBP/USD News, been out for 2+ hours! This started after latest software update!


Yes I am, I am a day trader. I like trading only two currency pairs (EUR/USD and USD/CAD). If you were to look at your stats on these two currency pairs you will see that they are the lowest price as far as your pip entry (spread). I only use a 1m and 5m time frames with an EMA, SMA, and HMA indicator works the best for me. I always keep my lots at .01%. never risk more than that. You want to shoot for more Wins than Losses in order to get funded with Apiary.


I also took a big loss. I logged onto Apiary website and noticed that stopped trading that day with a loss of only 10 pips. When I logged on later that night I noticed that I am in the negative over 11,000 pips. I called apiary tech support and they told me that because I am at silver level I can't be reset so my situation was forwarded to a risk manager and the problem was fixed however I am still at a very big loss.