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Unable to open Alveo

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Unable to open Alveo

Hi. It's been 2 days now and I cannot get on Alveo. When I open it, it says it is updating, but when it does update, it says there is another update open and it wants me to wait until it is done. I thought maybe I would just wait for whatever is installing to finish, but its been almost 48 hours and the same message is there.

My PC used to be windows 8.1 but i had updated it a month ago to windows 10. i had no trouble with it until now when Alveo is trying to update itself. Maybe the update program is not compatible with windows 10?

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 8:51pm

Here is a screen capture



I would suggest contacting support or if you don't have too much saved in the way of work spaces and templates, completely remove Alveo and re-install.

Hope that helps


i had installation problems of the latest version. I had to completelly remove Alveo (which was a task by itself). then i cleaned all i could clean fron my computer (temp files, etc.) and installed a fresh version of Alveo from scratch. hope that helps.


I am having problems opening Alveo since yesterday. I think since the update but not sure. It said it could not load charts. Now it loads a workspace with no charts. Can't mess with this tomorrow cause I'm tied up with an estate sale. I will call tech support first thing next tues. Maybe I can call tomorrow. I haven't been able to trade for two days.


Anyone having any issues with the new Alveo version, i can't get it to open? I've installed, uninstalled re-downloaded twice and still can't get the platform to open?


same here


I am also having problems starting it. I try to open it, but nothing appears to happen. I don't receive any errors or any indication that it is even trying to run...


i'm having trouble accessibg the order histort on the mobile alveo


I just removed Alveo and re-installed it. it is working fine now


yes, uninstall and then re-install Alveo. should help


I start having problems with downloading and installing software after upgrading to windows 10 from Windows 8 (against my will BTW) :(