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Trading USD/CHF is very rewarding,traders please try and see for youeself

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 12:04pm

keep going yak. good luck as you continue


well let me make something obvious for mostly the benefit of traders live @Apiary.
in case you dont know, do your own research, prove all things,
but USD/CHF is a MAD BUY at these levels, so much so that SNB is getting ready to enter the market, so they will be offering for sale CHF in exchange for USD, they said bring every USD you got and they will gladly give you CHF at these levels for EVERY USD YOU GOT.

This means if you are a live trader at Apiary please dont trade against the SNB, while they are much more bashful than BoJ, they have already stated several times publicly that CHF is severely over valued against USD, so they are selling CHF for USD, means they are going to be entering the market (at market ) & (with pending orders - liquidity) LONG USD/CHF
will you be the dumb money seller?

CHF is -.75%
USD is +.75%
net difference 1.5%


Thanks for the insight Elijah!


I had not watched the SNB before, but after your comments, I will definitely start. Thanks, Elijah!


Elijah I'm pretty green at this. You're bullish on USD/CHF, right? The "please don't trade against the SNB" confused me. If they're selling CHF then trading against them would be buying CHF? But buying USD/CHF is selling CHF, so I think you're bullish on it. I looked at the chart. You were right short-term, then it dipped. But now it appears to be rising and continuing a longer term trend. This is opening my eyes to new understanding so I need to think through the implications. Thanks.

I feel pretty good given that two weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to even ask that question. :-))


of course that means buy Brian :)


LOL thank you Elijah. I think I'll call you Uncle Elijah. Getting this chart drawn up for me was like having a rich uncle drop some money making treasure map in my lap this morning!

Like I said, last night when I stumbled across what you posted on June 4, 2017... and then I went and looked at the charts...

How do I explain this? Remember 2001 Space Odyssey when the apes all found the monolith at the beginning of the movie?

This was a monolith moment. You've opened my mind to an entire new dimension. As depicted by your avatar.



yakesie I need to also thank you for starting this thread. I see why you said what you did. Thank you for saying it.


Great info!


Technically it may have another down move But I do agree it looks like it may be a buy at the .9594-.9590 range …. wait and see.

The Plunger

Ok lets look at the daily range for usdchf vs the eurusd. so chf range is 50p eur about 60 sometimes 100. I may switch over to chf, though again today was my first time trading it, and i must say very easy indeed. i didnt know so many of you found chf so nice to trade.

The Plunger

So what i kind of found out and its kind of obvious best pairs to trade in asian is aud and jpy. and in long gbp, eur and chf. So now i can split my time better. so will soon enter an aud trade here. if there is a aud forum will go there, otherwise starting one, see you there.


During New York Session, yes it is


Found this thread really useful thanks.


Attached is my chart for the week.

USDCHF Week 11-11.JPG

I'm in USDCHF now going bearish. So far so good I noticed yesterday after the USD Fed news the true bearish direction was clear. Sometimes it take big news like the Fed news because thats the catalysis to spark the momentum.


Yes broke the trend line, the day after my last post...

11-29 USDCHF WK chart.JPG

great call folks, yes bearish move it is!!


This is the concept of Apiary. Keep the momentum going, and supporting with



Is there an opposing relationship between EURUSD and USDCHF? Has anybody got some experience in trading this?


Check it out,


leite, There sure was an opposing relationship this morning.


I rather trade EUR/USD Then USD/CHF more liquid, more movement, more volume etc
EUR and CHF are pegged to each others...


You have to watch trading the USD/CHF because the spread is to much unless your analysis show the risk is 3:1 with the spread which is rare in theses currency pair.


Thanks for the information.
I will watch the USD/CHF a bit closer and see how I do.