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Use a Trailing Stop to Close a Profitable trade

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Use a Trailing Stop to Close a Profitable trade

I am having the hardiest time using a trailing stop to close a profitable trade. I understand the concept, but for some reason I can not delete the TP and move the SL above the entry point. I know it is something simple, but I can not figure it out. Please help! Somebody, anybody or all bodies!

Coach Peterson

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 11:44am

Are you moving the stop manually instead of using the system trailing stop?

If you are moving it manually once you get into profit, left click on the SL line on your chart. You will see a little square on that line indicating that it can be moved & drag it up (or down) to where you want it. Then move cursor off the line and left click. That will keep the SL at that position.

I don't use the system's "automatic stop loss" that moves when the price moves.


If you're trying to move the stop loss within the spread threshold, Alveo will decline the adjustment. The spread changes depending on the market. Can you move the stop a little bit? If so, keep adjusting it till you're satisfied.