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I downloaded Alveo, however, It won't expand over my screen. It only gives me a small window. Can you help?? Robert

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 10:19am

There is a square in the upper right corner between the X and the minus sign click on that. To minimize the window click on the minus sign and to close the window click on the X and select the yes button this will save your current session. Good luck and happy trading


Welcome 997g

a business trader will have wins/loses --try extend your wins, try to shorten loses. that is "acceptable" to keep business in profit.

Entries and Exits, for that you must learn behavior of your chosen pair's to trade, time of day to trade, etc.

top bar of this page click the " software " tab , click on Alveo, then download.

videos on bottom of that page will help you.

trading begins on Sunday afternoon

keep up the good work

placing 1th trade


this class recording will help

keep up the good work