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Using Kijun Sen indicator in the Ichimoku Spans


Using Kijun Sen indicator in the Ichimoku Spans

This trade plan is uses ONLY one component of the Ichimoku Spans, the Kijun Sen. It is profitable in intermediate and short term trades. This has been a highly profitable system, and is extremely predictable.

Intermediate Term - H1 - H4: USD/JPY at 0500 GMT
Short Term - M30: EUR/USD at 1300 - 1530 GMT

1. Candles
2. 100-150 bars
3. Ichimoku Spans indicator, focusing on the Kijun Sen ONLY with default settings

Intermediate: I open a trade the USD/JPY on an H4 time frame about 0500 GMT. I use the Kijun Sen indicator only in the Ichimoku spans. If the price candle pierces the Kijun Sen bullish, and confirms above the indicator on the next candle, I measure from the top of the first candle to the indicator to set my TP, and divide it by 2 to set my Trailing Stop. Vice versa for bearish/sell trades.  This is a set, forget, and sleep well strategy that yields good profits when you check around 13:00 - 14:00 GMT.

Short term: Same strategy as Intermediate using the EUR/USD on an M30 at 1300 -1530 GMT


Tue, 01/19/2021 - 1:54am