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Vertical Monitors

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Norma Jenner

Vertical Monitors

Has anyone set up vertical monitors?  I'd really like to be able to stack 3-5 timeframes vertically while having enough height (36-48") that the charts can be full-size

Are there tricks to it?  Maybe what I need is a projection instead.


Fri, 06/16/2017 - 8:09pm

Sounds great but I don't know how to do that. Have you considered a large TV HDMId to your computer?


There are stands available that can stack 2 and 3 monitors. I have seen them on Amazon and Best Buy.

If you mean changing your display to vertical, go to settings, display and change the orientation to portrait.

Norma Jenner

Ahh, don tx re display change. Marubozo1, it should work w that
TY fellows


My first helpful comment on here :)


Thanks great topic!

Aussie John

Multiple screens would be useful. Not being computer tech savvy, can 2 screens be run from a laptop?


Er Hi Aussie John
Most laptops can handle an additional monitor.
Multiple screen set ups require consideration of spec.
There are manufacturers whoi specialise in trading pcs.
I'm looking at a new dell monitor that is very large and has the benefit of multiple screens (ie allows for different input clients) but avoids the problem of bezels being in the view. It's on their website.


Sometimes laptops have HDMI outputs on them. With an HDMI output you can add a second monitor


and....Norma most monitors come with a mounting plate and screws if you don't want to use the supplied desk stand. Not sure if available to you and people to help you and where your set up is needing to be placed BUT if your desk faces and is close to a wall you can easily mount 2 longer pieces of wood enough to reach from wall stud to wall stud then mount your vertical piece of wood (it will look like a sideways H for lack of a better description) to mount your 3 monitors to. Just a suggestion if you can't find a Amazon product. Ron


You can got to a computer store to get a device that will allow you to connect multiple machines to one or more screens. I think it is called an "IOGEAR" device.


I had an io gear which lets you hook up an additional monitor via usb. BUT the drawback was movement was lagging. HDMI hookups worked without the lag.


Great Idea Norma!


Or you can get a chromecast and hook it to your projector, tv or monitor. Wireless and easy to use. You can use CAST on google chrome and set it at desktop mirror. Set up your charts vertically and you're done.



I bought 2 27" monitors and a vertical rack and a little docking station for my laptop. The docking station is connected via a C type usb connector and the 2 monitors are connected to the docking station via hdmi cables. It is easy to move my cursor around, the performance is good and I have lots of Windows desktop space for what ever I need to look at.

It was pretty easy to set up and I like it. It fits in a corner right next to my two monitor work computer on the right. So I can do a little studying and trading before work, during lunch or after work if I want to hang out a while.

And then I have a regular pc with two monitors at home. If I can get to the point where I can live on trading income only, I'll upgrade to a full strength 8 monitor system, but for now.. this fits my space and meets my needs.