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Virtual Machines in the Cloud

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Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Currently Silver I, and I started using Don Baechtel's MDI_JISO Expert Advisor (You can find his book in the Million-A-Month Club), and now I realize that I will need to keep Alveo running 24/7. I started looking into virtual machine options on the cloud.

Microsoft Azure currently offers the best deal. A 2-core, 8GB virtual machine with a 3-year discount is $28.70 per month, or about $1K up front. The 3-year discount is what beats Amazon Wed Services which has the same price on a monthly rate before the 37% discount (about $90 per month).

Please Reply If...

1) Anyone has any cheaper, or better setups with one of the AWS mom-and-pops on the internet. (However, my best guess is that Microsoft is able to offer the best discounts simply because they own the rights to windows.)

2) You are Autotrading, and have found that you need more that 2-cores, and 8GB for your machine. (Imagine you have more than 10 charts with Expert Advisors, etc.)

3) You noticed any other technical issue, or lack of insight, that is relevant.

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 1:42pm

I have used for about one year. Originally had 2 core but upgraded to 3 core and am happier with the performance. Cost is $30/month with no contract so you just pay every month. Windows server comes preconfigured.

I originally had my VPS set-up with Google but it got too expensive once the introductory period ended. The nice thing about Interserver is it a flat fee regardless of usage. Google charged by process time and when I checked into it (a year ago) so did Azure, if I remember correctly.

I run an EA on my VPS but mainly I have the VPS for convenience. It gives me a dedicated machine that is always on and running Alveo. I can access it anytime from anywhere using Remote Desktop. This makes trading from my iPod while sitting on the beach too fun, lol.



Thank you so much for this post, Greg. I will look into it for myself. You saved me some time.
Peace, Brother.


A 2 core service with FXVPS or ForexVPS is about $13 per month, and works well with Alveo.


I have a rig at home that I RDP into, but I have been looking into interserver. Thank you for sharing. I think I may give it a go. :)


I ended up using Amazon AWS because I am familiar with the platform. I have an autoscaled instance with a maximum spot bid of $20 per month. However, I am currently paying about $11 per month since I pay market rates for the resources in us-east-1. My specified EC2 machine is t3-small (2 cores, 2GB) running Windows Server 2019. However, AWS consistently increases my memory to 3GB since I have about 30 pending orders, and 8 charts running at any given juncture.

I highly recommend AWS if you are technically savy.