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VPS Service to Run Alveo for MAC Users

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VPS Service to Run Alveo for MAC Users

Can anyone point me to a reputable VPS service that can run Alveo via my MAC Book Pro? I spoke Austin at Apiary who helped an individual who now pays $5/mo instead of the $54/mo for a VPS, but could not recall the name of that service. All help in this direction is appreciated.

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 3:42pm

Hi! Did you find answers yet? Here's one thread to examine:

Search will pull many more suggestions For example, Google and Amazon were some of the low/no cost demo VPS used, and several threads had instructions on how to start these VPS on Google and Amazon.

When I am eligible for funding (after I find my way through the Beeline obstacle course) I'm considering the Apiary VPS. My Internet IPS has really degraded since last Friday. Everything is unreliable. For awhile on Friday, Alveo was working better than the rest of the Internet.