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Warning: Wobbling Technique Causes Blindness! A Cure Has Been Found!

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Warning: Wobbling Technique Causes Blindness! A Cure Has Been Found!

As you might have already been aware, after trading the wobbling technique your charts are filled with so many of the yellow order lines that they begin to block the candles on the charts. Effectively causing you to become "blind" as you can no longer see the candles underneath the order lines.

Step-by-step cure:
1. Right click on Alveo chart and select Template Settings
2. Click on the yellow square beside Order Line
3. On the pop-up window, move the 4th slide bar from top and change the "A" setting to about 10%. This will make the solid yellow lines to be transparent and let you see the candles again.
4. Save changes by clicking on OK button and your ability to see is restored!
5. If you don't want to see the order lines you can set "A: setting to 0%
6. Repeat above 4 steps on your higher time frame charts or turn it off using steps 1-5.

Hope this helps.

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 1:10pm

Before and after screenshots.

Wobbling making me blind.PNG Wobbling blindness cured.PNG

In addition to the order line, you might also consider change the Take Profit and Stop Loss.


Good tip cng123, I hate not seeing the candlesticks. I always thought the same thing when I scalped.


Thanks for the tip!




I don't do much scalping but making those lines transparent makes good sense, thanks for the tip.