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Watching recording


Watching recording

There is an update on internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc) that won't play the recording.

Please follow this step to watch the recording:


thank you,


Fri, 11/22/2019 - 4:27pm

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@vilas thanks for the trick, it is working !


Does anyone know why none of the videos play? All say server is down or format is not supported but haven’t seen anything posted by Apiary and it’s a few days like this.


I'm having trouble watching the recorded training sessions also. Video won't play.


Apiary no longer has an Adobe license, ergo none of the Adobe vides will work.


This issue has existed since they converted to Zoom. Their group links also quit working and I informed them of it months ago and received an e-mail that they would look into it and fix it. To date the link is still not functional.


I followed the link above and got a youtube video from Shawn. Vila we really need help accessing discussions.


I watched the 26 second video and now I am more confused than before . What the hell did that try and tell me , I did not get it at all. Zoom still does not work at all , all I get is colored snow like the old TV when it went to hell and there was no signal . I have given up on all this stuff and now consider myself on my own. I will go back to what I know works and settle for 5-10 pips a day. Never try and trade over night you will end up like me and take a $2500 account to $40 . none of the systems or ideas or techniques I have tried here have worked for me , i know it's my fault , but still here I am . maybe it's time to go back to video games


Ouch n1jrm, if that's a fact and you're still in the hole a great dal you should contact Ron, Apiary has a program to retrain.
Then maybe a check-up from the neck up with one of the instructors and your stats.
You will need your trade plan and diary/logbook for the check-up with an instructor.
It is the first thing any professional will ask you for.
If you do not have them, then you already playing a video game.


I called support on this and was given a work around.
When the recording is selected (e.g., from calendar), click on the little "links" icon at the end of the recording title toward the top of the page. That will open the recording in a new tab and will allow you to view it. I've attached a screen snip with the icon circled in green.

Video not playing - fix.jpg

hi everyone. hows christmas going?


hi everyone. hows christmas going?


Hi, every time I get on this vilas recommends it flips within a minute to advertising videos, anybody having the same issues?


Hi all, special thanks to Scotty it works. Finally got some time then realized I had issues.


Hi All, Does anyone know when Alveo iphone app will be available?


thanks vilas this worked :)


"Does anyone know when Alveo iphone app will be available?"
no idea... : (


I had a sell transaction (GBP/USD) with a stop loss set at 1.31042. The stop loss was not triggered until the position hit 1.31447. Instead of a 20 PIP loss I suffered a 61.1 PIP loss. Why?


There was another sell transaction (GBP/JPY) where I had a stop loss posted at 142.148. This one triggered at 142.552 resulting in a 64 PIP loss. With these trades against me it is becoming very difficult to advance beyond Gold I.


I use a stop loss on every trade. However, that doesn't always seem to protect me. I'm getting frustrated. This is difficult as it is, but to have ALVEO working against me...!!??


Hi Peter, I am not sure if my answer to your question is still correct, (it was confirmed by support when it happened to me) however, I can share my own experience.
In Alveo you have multiple accounts to "play" in. What I discovered from the same experience as you is that if you have active trades working in your Gold account, they are only "active" if you have that account "active" open while your trades are in motion.

If you move to a simulated account to fill in time while you are waiting for your Gold trades to come to fruition, then nothing will happen in your Gold account until you switch back to it. During this period anything might have happened (and usually does I have found) so even my "safe" trades where I had moved the stop above my buy price, closed for a loss because my laptop was not active in my account.

This happened to me multiple times in my funded account before I finally worked out what was happening.

So the net net is if you have active trades on your gold account, make sure your computer is active in that account until the trades have completed.


still cannot get zoom to work , have tried everything I can find - nothing , I'm done


To get the Zoom recordings to play, click on the chain link icon next to the title. This will open the video in a new tab. This will also allow full screen viewing. Attached is a screen grab to show where to click.

video playback.jpg

Very helpful as that was a question that I had early on.


Why not send a link to every one to view Zoom. I get links in other groups to view zoom and no problem?


Order data failed to download

Why can’t Apiary fix this problem. It’s getting very frustrating!!!!!