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a way to reach 25-5-24 at silver l

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a way to reach 25-5-24 at silver l

25-5-24,  maybe   I have  something  to  share about  this, because I'd being  having trouble  to fill this requirement at  Silver I,  THEN  I  FIGURE OUT  HOW:

 1 place  trades,  with   buy stop  and sell stop , far away  from    the currect value of the market,  then   after 24 hours  ,

 2  move  the trades  to the market  , to be  filled   

Tue, 12/15/2015 - 5:37pm

place 5 buys and 5 sell at same time with minimum size (0.01) and don't put sl (well, if you main purpose is getting the task done)


I thought the trade had to be open, not pending......


you right Rick B , the pending orders , disappear after 24 hours with out filling, then then the method is like Silence says,


well it looks like you made it :)


huh! I thought the purpose is to have the trade triggered and held for at least 24 hours.


me too