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Weird bars on Daily charts


Weird bars on Daily charts

Hello All -

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this but could not find any other more appropriate. So here goes:

I have attached a daily GBP/USD charts with certain set of bars circled. There are always 2 bars together that look like this. I compared the chart to other brokerage charts and I don't see this. Is anyone else having this issue?

When I first saw the bar yesterday, I was thinking of putting a buy stop above and the sell stop below the very narrow range bars!!! Fortunately, i looked a little to the left as well and decided against it. 

These bars will also screw the readings for certain indicators like ATR and MA that we all use. Hopefully this is only at my end and if so, would like to get it fixed. If this is showing up in many other Alveo charts we need to bump this up to get the fix ASAP!

Let me know if anyone else is seeing this.


GBPUSD - Daily Chart.png15.54 KB
Thu, 08/25/2016 - 8:04pm

I believe they are Saturday and Sunday candles. Try closing Alveo and reopening it. I spoke to support and was assured that development knows about the issue and is working on it. I have those candles every day and have had them since about the last update. I think the 4 PM GMT daily update triggers the candles since Alveo is offline for several minutes. I am on the D1 every day and it is a nuisance, but it's easy to get around it until there is a fix or the new version is released. The beta version of the upcoming new release shows the extra candles too.


That is why some brokers, like FXCM for example, set their server time to the seemingly obscure time of GMT+2 or +3. The reason is solely to solve the week-end daily bar problem. It's a simple solution to an otherwise annoying problem.

Why GMT +2/3?
The servers ... are set to GMT +2/3 to give 5 daily candles in a given trading week. The daily candles will also start and end at 5pm EST. MT4 closes daily candles at midnight for the time set on that server. Midnight GMT +2 is 5pm EST. During daylight savings time midnight GMT +3 is 5pm EST. We will change the time from GMT + 2 to GMT + 3 for daylight savings time. The important thing to remember is that these servers will close daily candles at 5pm EST year round and only have 5 daily candles per week.
end quote

It's something Apiary could do, if they wanted


Guys - Thanks for the info.

Glad that this is a known issue.

More importantly the bars that I have circled in the image above - some of them are not Sunday candles! The first one is 24th Aug which is a Wednesday.

Hopefully Apiary's Tech team will incorporate your fix chaffcombe17.


Thank you for the information, I always pay close attention to the closing price for the currency pair I am going to trade, I time that with 5:00 PM EST