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What is the actual start up and monthly costs?

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What is the actual start up and monthly costs?

I'm trying to get a question answered and to this point I'm not getting one. I just joined today and I'm having second thoughts about this, because my question is so generic.

On the main home page, click pricing it says for "Trader" $97 + $97 a month. I've been told it's only $97 and when I asked about the $97+$97 I keep being told just $97.

I don't want any hidden costs and want to know all this upfront.

Can anyone assist?



Mon, 01/11/2016 - 6:35pm

They are charging just 97 a month for the technology costs. Check this link out for the pricing info.




Thank you for sharing this link, David. I wasn't aware of all the
additional resources available. Excellent. Thank you.


Thanks David much appreciated =)



I believe the prices are cheaper now since you have full access to forums and live discussions with the monthly tech fee of $97. I believe there is also a group membership that I joined 2 years ago and that lowered my monthly tech fee to $25 a month but there was an upfront cost. So after a year and a few months it was cheaper to join the groups.the group memberships also include a place where traders can have their own discussions like the classes.
But Jim, if this is not for you, just cancel at any time.

Raj C

Gracebee, do you find the group discussions helpful?


Tech fee? Is this a hidden cost I don't know about?


Yes, I really like the group classes and other times when just us bees get together. It is nice to share charts and talk. usually we call on the phone and share charts because the echo sometimes is annoying when more than one person is talking.
jim, I believe there is no start up cost, just the $97 for every month, unless you add something else that they offer. It does not affect your funding, so I believe. Call support to receive a better answer.
Our Trader Support team is usually in the office during regular business hours for US Mountain Time. If we aren't available right away, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



it is $97. the $97.00 is classified as a tech fee


I have been paying the $97 per month for a year and a half. That's it.



yes, if you do not join group membership that is one time around $1000, monthly fee is $97. if you join group membership, then monthly fee is $25 . if you really want to stay longer with apiaryfund, it is better to join group membership with one time fee, then your monthly fee will reduce froom $97 to $25.



Thanks everyone