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What is an Emotitag?

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What is an Emotitag?

What is an emotitag?


Tue, 05/03/2016 - 2:06pm

Hi Rogue,

They are under "Comment" in New Order form. You can choose green (greed), red (fear), yellow (focus) or blue (hope). Then the symbol will appear together with your order.


It's a way of expressing the emotion associated with the trade.


Oh that is a great question Rogue, I've asked this question many times. Never has it been answered by anyone from Apiary, only answers from the hive. Still haven't received an answer that explains how the emotitag helps us to trade better, personally forcing me to use them just pushes the wrong buttons for me. So good luck on your quest to find a good answer to this. IMHO useless!


I believe they are intended to be an easy way to record your emotions when you place a trade. I only use them to check off one of the beeline requirements


I use the emotitag to group my trades based on strategies or signals that I use.


E xcellent
M eans
O f
T eaching
I ntelligent
T raders
A bout
G ______________! Fill in your own "G"

Getting even?


I find it helpful to identify emotions and understand the correlation to the trade. Getting out too soon, hanging on too long, etc. Probably best to learn to remove all emotion from trading?


I use emotitags as a marker, to visually show me which trades I am using with 0.50 lot size and 0.01 lot sizes.


so maybe there isnt a frustrated emotitag becuase if we want to use that one it should mean we shouldn't trade?