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What is a Good Screen Size For a Computer Monitor.

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Kevin Osei-Kofi

What is a Good Screen Size For a Computer Monitor.

I'm diving into Silver I and it's making me rethink my computer monitor. I used a 19" Monitor and I find it terribly difficult to observe the candles on this little screen no matter how much I tweak the settings. So I want to buy a bigger monitor. What is a good monitor size that I should be looking for in order to best assist me in observing candles on the Alveo Platform?

Mon, 05/27/2019 - 1:22pm

Kind of depends on how large you want it. A 27 inch would be good. If you're going to use two or more they are a good size. That's the size that they for us at work for 2 27inch dual desktop monitors.


I agree on 27 " size. Bought a pair of LG monitors on sale at Best Buy.

Kevin Osei-Kofi

Cool! Thanks for advice, I'm going to go Monitor shopping this very minute; the challenge gets serious at Silver 1 and I have no intention on making things anymore challenging for my style. ^_^


yes i know, you said computer as a desk top computer, still i share my opinion
i use 15 inch one year old laptop toshiba, and 17 inch toshiba 2 years old laptop screen is good for my eye site and i have and use prescription glasses.
resolution and grade of computer would make a difference.
i don't see what you see.
therefore not able to recommend any to you. but get the specs of your current computer and bring to computer store
they will tell you what is different compared to newer computers.
hope this helps.
more like they can help you better to make your choice before any $ is spend

trading takes time and experience like any other work trade in this life.
just have patience to your self and eventually reach your goals.


Time and patience are still the most important filters for a trader. In the beginning there is so much to absorb. As for screens, I got one 32 inch TV monitor and plug it into my laptop, and use another laptop on the side. Gives me all I need. Keep at it. Be a good learner and ready to change your emotional wiring as it relates to risk and reward.


I use a 27 inch monitor plugged into my 15 inch laptop. I can see much better on the 27.


I just use a laptop with Alveo on a VPS and want to stick with that, so I'm able to trade from anywhere :)


I have a 24 inch monitor with 1920 x 1200 resolution. It works very well for me. Larger would probably be better, but necessary.


Honestly,I analyse with mt 4 chart instead of Alveo.Alveo is way to slow in updating as I like to switch several timeframes up and down.
I have an Oanda live chart with price at volume orderbook data ,sadly its not streaming data,only updated every 20 mins as long I fund the live account.
Then I use ctrader from purple trading wich is a real great platform and has very fast execution.There,when I click,all 20 or more positions are executed immediately without any delay.
And a purple trader mt4 for drawing fibo retracements to get a target.
With alveo i have one chart for GBPJPY,wich is the only pair I trade on a 1 minute.

oanda free order flow indicator.jpg c trader  from purple.jpg purples mT4.jpg

I use 3 monitors. Two of them are 32 inch . One has an hour chart of the EUR/USD, the other has 5 minute chart or the EUR/USD. I have a 55 inch ( EUR/USD) with a 1 minute chart set up with one click trading buttons and the order window. I use the 55 inch to trade from using Shawn's wobble Technic and price action. I sit in front of the monitors in a recliner and wait for a trade set up. This is probably over kill. I often trade the Euro open through the US close, so I might as well be comfortable. This allows me to sleep through low volatility times and some times when I should have been trading.


Funny! Love the "comfort zone" approach with the recliner and big screens. If you need to wait a lot, you might as well be comfortable, and learn the value of waiting without being all bent out of shape!!