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What happens to open trades after you logoff Alveo?

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What happens to open trades after you logoff Alveo?

Do we need to keep Alveo open on our local computer for our OPEN trades to continure running?  I want to know what's Alveo expected behavior.  Can I assume the same for PENDING orders.

Thu, 03/03/2016 - 5:16pm

Whether one logs off or one's connection drops, active trades are stored on the server whereas pending traders are stored locally (on your machine). With that in mind, active orders will continue to lose/make pips while pending orders will do nothing (at least until one logs back into Alveo). It's possible for pending orders to trigger (and close) once Alveo reloads--provided price moved enough during the downtime.


On one pair (EUR/USD) my screen is too close to the right side of the screen, such that candles and indicators seem to go off the page. Must be a simple fix. Can anyone help?

screen shot.png screen shot.png

Right click on chart
click template setting
right up u'll see it.
see screenshot.

Screenshot (112).png

purpleskye I would add that if you are using a trailing stop it won't work when computer is shut off and once you turn it back on it acts like it isn't there so use a fixed stop if you are gonna be away from the computer. Note: you can later modify the order and check the trail stop box to get it trailing


Thank you very much for your timely responses. It clarified for me a few things that I would be totally clueless about and most likely chalk up to Alveo being "unstable".


I guess I don't understand this discussion... I put orders in on my laptop as I am stopped in my travels, eating lunch, before going to sleep and then shut it down. Orders execute and trailing stops work... your account isn't on your computer but on the Apiary server.


Thanks, Toti


A manually set SL of an active trade is stored on the server; yet, a SL that's set via the relevant code variable is stored and processed via the Alveo client (which one uses via the VPS or downloads and installs locally). Similarly, a trailing stop--per the Apiary development team--is a setting that's stored and processed via the Alveo client.