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what to use - Any ideas?


what to use - Any ideas?

 Need to ask if anyone has any ideas. I am having trouble with my modem router. It is dying. It appears that in order to meet the minimum download/upload speeds, (an upgrade for me) required for the Alveo platform is to rent the Modem from the ISP. When reserching the modems suggested from the ISP the modems are not available anywhere. Which tells me that the products are made expressly for that ISP so he can rent them out. In order to get the 3 mgs upload speed required you need to have a bonded VDSL. What does bonding mean? 

 Bonding involves:

  • splitting data up at the packet level
  • distributing it across all the available lines on site
  • the data is then cleverly put back together again before being sent out to the internet, or to another site within the same network.

This works both ways, for uploading and downloading. Bonding should not be confused with load balancing. Load balancing ADSL lines means individual data sessions are put over separate lines. You will never get the top speed of a bonded ADSL connection, and each line will have a different IP address, making hosting and resiliency nigh on impossible.

So you see when the ISP tells you you are getting 24mbs download and 3mbs upload, you actually are not. The data goes through buffering a little faster and if you have a slow computer you will still move slowly. If you have a faster computer it will appear as if you are moving faster .

So, Does anyone have a suggestion as what hardware and computer pairing to use with the Alveo platform? Thanks  


Tue, 07/26/2016 - 5:07pm

I'm familiar (and have worked) with both bonding and load-balancing.

Did you check or for your hardware and/or ISP?

If so and that didn't help, then Do you know which link, network, and transport layer protocols that your ISP supports? If not, then query your current modem/router.

Since most major ISPs in the US tend to supply Cisco/Netgear or Broadcom modem/routers, your current device (as well as your future replacement) most likely will be one of those--especially if your ISP issued it no earlier than 2008.


If in Aust NBN connection would mean a new Modem and improved speeds.