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What's going on with EUR/USD right now?

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Mutant Knight

What's going on with EUR/USD right now?

The spread on eur/usd just jumped up to 3-4 for the past 5 minutes and is fluctuating wildly.  I don't see any news event at this time.  (Something I'm missing?)  Maybe the big banks are manipulating the prices?  But at this time when not much trading going on? Strange.  The fluctuations are visible on chart and on the think or swim platform, but Alveo doesn't seem to able to keep up, it's not fluctuating as it should be and the pips changes are not moving on the order window.


Thu, 04/04/2019 - 4:32pm

This morning EUR/USD health potential for long short trading


Today I was trading the euro and ok as long as I was in and out quickly did not stay in long


I like to know how the Euro jumped back up (after a loss of 40 plus pips) even though the E.C.B. held their interest rate for the foreseeable future.