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Whats going on with this market

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Whats going on with this market

I use the 1 hour chart for my strategy and have not had a single play that I felt strong about in over a month.  Up until then I have been able to avg about 200 pips a month.  The strategy is based on a trend either up or down and wait for the indicators to signal entry.  To me it seems that every trend is done as soon as it starts and my entries are at every reversal.  Is everyone seeing the market going sidways right now in every pair? It figures as soon as i get funded the second month in I hit a road block. 

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 10:25am
Charles Moeller

Are you using the TBR (three bar reversal) for entries, or some reliable trigger?

I am trading the 5M with alignment and TBR and (finally) doing well, every day for the past week positive in the two or three accounts traded.
The TF shouldn't matter, but the longer ones require more patience and restraint.


denpips, I feel u and u are exactly correct...most pairs are ranging right now and most pairs are moving less than 50 pips daily. Except for GBP/CAD which has made a 200+ pip move today going long...the good news is that the trend is about to reverse and the short run should net more pips, at least double what all other pairs are moving right now. Its because of the low volatility in the overall FX market ($EVZ/interactive-chart) This is a link to Euro FX VIX, which is a great guage of volatility in the overall FX market. Today, volatility has dropped yet again in an ongoing downward spiral and if it doesn't pick up soon, we trend traders are going to be scalping to get our pips. I use the Daily chart to determine if a pair is trending and if so, what the daily average moves are by consulting the ATR (14). Alveos ATR is default set at (10)…(14) gives a more accurate reading. So take this for what its worth but I see u having 2 dilemmas...1 pairs are either ranging or the trend runs are very short, and using the indicators that u are right now, you seem to always be late to the fight...I am 100% a technical trend trader and ive tested over 500 indicators so far that are out there today, and am strongly opiniated when it comes to tech indicators...My advice is this on Alveo indicators...all but 4 on the list are even worth trying to use...I have found that the ATR (14), HMA (8), HMA (20) on my candlestick chart..(used separately and as a 8/20 cross); the RVI (8); PPO (5,26,9) are the only indicators that are worth anything and they do The Best Job out of the default Alveo indicators list. Stack the RVI on top of the PPO as the RVI will give u signals quicker and more often, and use the PPO as a confirmation indicator and to filter out most of the false signals that the RVI will give. I use these my opinion, and until someone can prove me wrong, The RVI / PPO combo, along with the HMA's signals that are used for even further confirmation, is about as good as it gets with what we have to use. Hope this helps you out...Happy Trading!


Go here You will find all kinds of info, including my fav the volitility charts that show you the average hourly volitility and daily volitility for whichever pair you want. With this, for example you can tell when the hours with the least volitility are happening so you can setup trades, Another chart shows the best days to trade certain pairs, tho all days are good days to me. TIP: If a pair has a 400 pip range play 25 to 50% of it. is another. There is tons of information on the web, some acurrate, some not so accurate, in my opinion, and everyone wants our money so they give information away to get your email address. Many give strategies away, free eBooks, charts, free education, ideas, etc,etc.

Hope this helps!


rlholcomb thanx bro I have not visited site yet but I will now...thanx again for ur info


Volume is back now for the moment anyway...just scored 156 pips in less than 15 minutes on 3 trades apiece on GBP/CAD, GBP/JPY...


Thanks for the help guys glad it's just not me seeing that. Thanks for the great websites I will definitely use these. I used two HMAs to signal entry when locked pointing down.


Checking out the It is very helpful to adds up. Thanks for the sharing.


great going folks!


I look for sideways markets, they provide specific entry and exit price levels. Just look to price history and draw S/R lines off recent pivot highs and lows. If pivots are holding the same price levels just use that price to enter and exit on the other pivot price level.

If pivot highs are moving higher its a bullish trend, and if pivots are moving lower look to enter bearish positions.