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When to get more pips per hour _ trade the moonlight.

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When to get more pips per hour _ trade the moonlight.

I live in California at this time.   I have done over 30 trades using this method and often wake up from sleep to get ready for work 

the next day, to jump from bed to immedialty open my charts,  and see what is going on in my live trades, adjust anything if necessary... and 

to find I have hit my Profit target while I was asleep in 80 of cases.  Other cases in might take a few more nights sleep.

I often place my trades and look for trades set ups on one or two curreciy pairs around 10 pm PST. ......

Since the London market opens a few hours later, etc, 

and that is I think (?) when the most pips are made for the daily averager Trading range for a specific currency pair, so the bigger moves are when most western USA persons sleep.

That works out great since I am not worrring about if the trades are going for me or into drawdown etc. .  I seem to make more profits that way before sleep than trying to trade in the afternoon or evening hours after work.  But what every makes you feel good is what I would suggest.  I of course set up my trades with trendlines, both in my head and drawn on the charts too in some cases,  and note the stops and entry positions also on a paper notebood so I can keep track of my notes in case the chart notes get errased by accident etc.

( If that works you can sometimes then just go back to bed and get a few more hours of sleep in you instead wanted to scalp with the moon live too.....)

Just keep in fun and simple and it should work, ie dont over think it.




Sun, 02/11/2018 - 2:51am

I have also found just in my silver lvls that this seems to be a good thing as well. Generally setting the trades up around 10pm mst. I seem to capture large amounts of pips as well. I appreciate you saying it's beneficial SD going it on live trading cause I'm not too far away from that. Thank you for the advice


I've been using buy stops and sell stops with the GBP/JPY pair. After 2 a.m. GMT there's a lot of movement. 1 to 1.5 TP and SL.


I personally love the London session I am est asnd scalp the asia session for about 2 percent each night and then wake up around 345 am est to trade the London session every morning to utilize my breakout strategy .

Michael 9067

To me. the biggest advantage of trading at night, is I leave my trades alone and let them run their course. When I'm awake, I tend to cut them off much sooner than they need to be................


Thanks BZ, I have discovered a similar over night result. because of some of the requirements in Silver 1, I have had to set stop losses and let my trades run while I sleep. When I wake I find that the activity over night was very giving and I would in most cases close the trades with large gains. I just this morning closed 12 open trades to closed my trading day before I head to work with a daily total of 560 pips. Im thankful and happy Im learning the system as well as I am. happy trading.


Considering this choppy market that very good!

Jerry F

I had similar results getting through Silver 3 and starting Gold 1. I like trading the JPY.....GBP/JPY and USD/JPY.


Trading the overnight sessions and the London open is what got me funded. Steve Perry has some excellent classes on overnight trading that I'd highly recommend - Fridays I believe.


I use a similar strategy


I find if they're gonna run... they're gonna run. However, something I have been experimenting with, is if the overnight breakout trade fails and comes and takes out my stops, I have a stop market entry trade just behind my original stop and I find the trades tend to run in the opposite direction. I usually recover my lost pips and gain a few extra along the way.


Yes, there are more pips to be made during US overnight trading!
The market opens up 4pm PST, slow time, since the Asian market is finishing their day and most of the trading world is asleep or going to sleep.

This is the best time to analyze the markets, since you have the Daily close recorded for you and the banks have reset their accounts!


I found that I like to set up trades before I head home and then let them run it seems that about mst stuff reallystarts taking off.before I leave today I'm going to have some set with high take profit cause that seems to be m7 key


8:30PM MST (3:30AMGMT) and 10:30PM MST (5:30am GMT) are really good times to get in.


Overnight trading coupled with intermediate trend setups have been good in my experience too! Pullbacks are nice.


moonlighting is awsome when your hitting the begining of sydney open.. i found that that is my best time frame and its generaaly great.. some days like last night where it really went tothe woofs but its ok play he rebound and scalp it as well youllbe alright unlesss you lock yourself at 5%


Seems like a good way to take some stress out of it and earn a bit of residual income.