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Where and how to get faster economic data releases?

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Where and how to get faster economic data releases?

I've been noticing that before mainstream economic calendars even update with a new economic data release price action of the currency pair starts moving. The massive candle on eur/cad or usd/cad that came right after Canadas crappy GDP report is a good example, that massive candle came before the forex factory calendar even updated. 

Is there any live updating economic calendars that are faster than the mainstream ones like forex factory, daily fx etc?

Is it faster to go straight to the source of the release?

Would faster internet packages or fiber optic connections help with getting the data faster?

Thanks for any insights :)

Wed, 12/02/2015 - 3:35am
a v nath

gives much faster than forex factory.



there are several services available to get the news when it is released., I belive had a service as well.

Getting the news quickly is one thing, you must determine beforehand what you are going to do depending what the release numbers are.

hope that helps



I use economic calendar, they are pretty fast, faster than CNBC


AV, AG, and Costa already addressed one part of your question, so I'll address the other part.

No, faster network access won't help you get the news releases and data any sooner.


trading news is high risk trading, need to open/close position quickly with proper risk management.

all different website - , can provide some guideline, however, still need to add quick hang and risk management to trade news.

for example, this morning with ADP NFP change, EU and GU spike up first to trigger my buystop order, 3 second later, It spike down , and buy order is stop out with 3 second, then trigger sellstop order. I lost 22 pips overall.

market can reverse within split seconds, really different to trade news sometime