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Who will help me with my journal?

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Who will help me with my journal?

Hi bees :) Hoping this topic draws many comments as I have decided I need help. As a trader I am always looking to learn and grow as well as sharpen my edge. In times of too many losses I search for the cause. Recently I have found it to be my journaling or lack of. I have good intentions every day to put more time and effort into my journal but when I look back I have failed again. My issues are it seems to take too much time, am I writing too much? It distracts me from my trading as I trade M1 and M5 mostly. I understand that trading involves history and that keeping an accurate journal displays the history and can point out mistakes but still I find it difficult to be disciplined in this area. So if anyone would care to share their journal and the way you stay on track with your journal I would greatly appreciate it :) Thanks!



Wed, 06/08/2016 - 9:47am

As I live in the uk I first look to see what the overnight markets have done. I look at to gage market sentiment. Indices, commodities and bonds to see whether its a risk on or off day and choose my pairs accordingly.

I hardly trade less than 4 hourly and I download history for my journal along with screenshots....I don't write anything.

I think simple is best.


Journaling is a powerful tool! Steve Perry, one of our instructors here, has a very effective trade journaling habit that he often shares with his class on Thursdays at 7:00 pm MT. I'd suggest that you listen to what he has to say about it.


I use the comment field for journaling. I periodically will export my trade history (as a .XLS file). If I miss an entry, then I'll add my comment to the relevant entry/entries of exported file.

I record the following: TF, bull/bear, pattern/setup, Fib level (if p/b), trade number (for position trades), and occasionally additional feedback (if necessary).


If lack of time is an issue, just ask yourself after the trade is over what analysis was correct and what was not? This will psychologically help you get rid of certain analysis and indicators that are false leading. Then implement what truly works so that you can continue to do that on future trades.

I too don't necessarily have enough time to log every entry. But we should always have enough time to look back and evaluate what happened to the trade. Then write down a sentence or two of your next game plan to avoid future mistakes and then execute what you know works.


If it's any help, since joining Apiary and therefore having quite precise goals to attain, I have been doing the following

On left hand side of journal: my plan for the next trading day - the things I want to achieve; fall back plans if the market doesn't oblige etc.

On right hand side of journal: what happened; what went good or bad; what was changed on the fly; how did I trade etc., etc.

After a few days this 'Review today's trading/Plan tomorrow's trading' routine will become natural and invaluable.

Along side of this, if you are looking for something more trade-by-trade oriented, I'd suggest first exporting your transactions into excel, and than add whatever columns and notes that are important to you. That way your transaction record doesn't require manual input, and stays accurate.

Personally I think the first is more valuable than the second

Good trading!


Hereby my last weekly journal
A lot of success and fun with trading

secondweekgold.xlsx 13.2 KB
secondweekgold.xlsx 13.2 KB

I have had problems consistently keeping a journal. I started a new journal when I made Gold-1.

I keep the journal on Google/Drive/docs This assures it is accessible on any PC/Laptop I'm using at home or on the road. Here is a link so you can see how I've done the journal.

I basically keeping a diary of my trading with entries on most of my actions. I put scripts of the charted trades and small snippets in the journal. It gives me quick reference to things I need & saves time in looking in only one place for weekly reviews. I can review the log of my trades on Apiary stats page of export to xls spreadsheet later.


For every trading day, I write up number of wins, loosers and looses in a row. Then I wrote an explanation for the losses in a row, and I try to find common patterns in when and why they happen. For example, it seems that I get losses in a row in the same time period a lot of days. So I try to not trade or trade less with a smaller position size in that time interval. But it has proven surprisingly hard to do. But building good habits and routines is so important, maybe more than skills in looking on the charts.


Thanks so much everyone for the helpful input. Looking at what others are doing really help give me direction


fxjunkie, StevePerry emailed me a journal, have you checked out his?