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Why don't you FIX Alveo?!

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Why don't you FIX Alveo?!

Six minutes ago I was trading and Alveo froze. All your stupid indicators showing system status were green yet no price or chart changes were happening. Meanwhile I was looking to scalp a trade but during this outage it turned against me. For six minutes I could do nothing. I shut down Alveo and restarted but the same thing. Every one of your stupid indicators said Alveo was honky dory when it was NOT. After six minutes it finally started working again but of course now I'm in losing trades.

What is wrong with you people?

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 7:59am

Gmoney, your being a little extreme! Sure, it can be frustrating when Alveo is not working properly, but think of it like this, YOUR TRADING SHAWNS MONEY! Nothing is wrong with "you people", they do the best they can while giving us a great opportunity. Personally, im thankful for the opportunity.


Oh Mr. Burns!

- Make sure it wasn't your PC freezing or hiccuping
- check your hard wired to your router and not wireless
- if wireless, check to make sure you're not near a microwave (or neighbor's microwave)
- confirm if your internet provider is having issues or not
- confirm with the telecommunications utility if there are any issues with the infrastructure nearby
- ask Apiary nicely if there was a server issue near you
- Perhaps look into a VPS (plenty of threads) to see if it is an Alveo issue or a internet issue on your end.
try to Trade in a different location (library, work internet?)

I've been scalping since 7 am and no hiccups here.


I suggest you go to the contact page and report your issue to the support team so that they can work on it.


The only 'problem' I have had with Alveo is the 5 pm est Maintenance Reboot. Alveo stops and when it returns 9 mins later, the spreads are Crazy!! Since I learned that this happens, I plan for it. As far as any other issues, things have been fine and my connection is not the best [slow most of the month once my
high-speed clocks out, and can be subject to flashes of being disconnected]. I do have a few issues with
Alveo but those are personal preferences as far as what I can do [modifying indicators, etc]. I'm used to
Ninja 8 and it took a bit to get used to Alveo's abilities. What is extremely cool is being able to hedge in Alveo. Can't do that anywhere else that I know of.

GMoney, I can understand your frustration, I really can. But I would strongly urge you to investigate the
problem being at your end.


Did you manage to turn those losers into winners?

6 minutes are not a big deal.