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This is WHY!

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This is WHY!

This is why i am so worried about walking away from the compter and not being able to watch

I got in on position with the blue candle (left) next to that green flag...I put my SL up high not believing it would go bullish


I just got 12.25 pips back...still sucks loosing 41 pips

The USD/JPY always somehow bites me in the rear



Tue, 02/09/2016 - 10:23pm

Have you managed to turn in a profit when using the MACD along with a moving average? Or are you on average loosing out?


No I have been getting better with the MACD and 200HMA....that was just a really bad deal....I have been getting smaller trades with it, I still look for alignments for my bigger trades

I'm still trying strategies to see what works, I know it will come eventually, I just hate the idea of doing the opens for 24 hours


Well I decided to try it again and set a position NZD/USD long and it went awhile and closed at 18.90.....I was nervous though I didn't have a SL set


Hi Jim, I was nervous about the 25-5-24 also. So I tackled it first. On Sunday night I picked 4 pairs that seemed to give a signal about their movement using the D1 for the trend and the H1 for the confirmation and the M5 for the entry. I only use 2 SMA's and a Sto. No other indicators. In fact, when I looked for these trades, I actually turned off the candles and just used the SMAs. Anyway I put in all four trades on four different pairs with lot size .01. You just can't lose too much money with .01. Then I went to bed.
The next morning all four were profitable, but the 24 hours was less than half up. So I went to work and let them run. When the 24 hours was done, I closed out 3 with a total of 250 pips and one had closed with 75 pips before the time was up. So in one fell swoop, I had 3 of the 24 hours, 3 of the 60 minutes, and 3 of the 5 minutes completed.

I will share the simplicity of my charts with anyone who wants to know. I have been in Silver 1 for 3 days and I am more than half way through the achievements. Biggest concern now is having to start a new topic on the forum. Hmmmm Any ideas?


Forexfool - I think you have such a nice smile! How about start a topic of what make us smile the most. Something light and fun :) Life can't be all about trading.

Good luck to you!

Janice G

Hi Forexfool,

Nice work on those trades and getting half way through Silver 1 so quickly!

I'm still in Bronze 2. All I have to do is write my trading plan and I'm on to Bronze 3.

I'm almost at the point of quitting and not because of Apiary, I love Apiary fund! But because I'm doing a terrible job of trading.
I've tried so many strategies and have recently cleaned my charts of all indicators except for 3 ma's. I have such a hard time, living on the Pacific coast, getting up early enough to trade the best hours and therefore, end up trading during low liquid times or I miss the best moves because I'm busy working. (self employed and work long hours).

I'm very frustrated and may ask for a bit of coaching from one of the Apiary guys. In the mean time, I wonder if you would please share your charts with me as you have suggested in your post.

I want to get funded so bad, but feel like it's not going to happen and need all the help that I can get. My trading was better when I knew only the bare basics!

Anyway, thank you for your time if you can spare it, or anyone in this thread, for that matter.