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Window 10 update

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Window 10 update

I'm nearing the end of my silver one achievement and I need to post something in the forum
so that I can move on to the next achievement.
I have spent the last four days updating my seven computers to the new windows 10 build 1703
and when these updates come through it hogs up a lot of my bandwidth and my trading platforms
Slowdown and even stop sometimes I don't mind the updates I'm glad windows does it
I just don't want them downloading to my computer While I'm trading.
I found a website that explains how to stop the updates at
I'm going to configure six of my computers to stop allowing updates and leave one that I used to surf the Internet unchanged
when that computer updates all know it's time to update my other computers which I can do on the weekends when I'm not trading.
Hope it works thought I would share this with the group most of you probably already know how to do this.


Mon, 07/24/2017 - 10:32pm

Thank you very much clautonmt2000 I also will use your link.