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Windows 10 and Alveo

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Windows 10 and Alveo

I've just got a new laptop with an i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM. Its running Windows 7 and Alveo works very nicely on it.

I am thinking of upgrading the laptop to Windows 10. Does anyone have any experience with Alveo and Windows 10, do they recommend it,  would they warn me off this upgrade, does it not make a difference?

I realise there will be a learnng curve with the new OS but I don't want to inherit a bunch of technical issues because I fixed something that wasn't broken.


Mon, 02/15/2016 - 5:16pm

Craig, I am running an ASUS trading computer with Windows 10, I upgraded from Windows 8, and I have absolutely no issues, it does take a little getting used to though.


Hey Craig,

I have been running on Windows 10 for a while and have not had any issues.


Windows 10 works great for me, Craig. Alveo as well as the Apiary site.......



Just to add one more voice to the chorus, I also have Windows 10 running on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and have had no issues as well. Alevo performance is excellent ...


I had a horrible experience upgrading from Win 8.1 to Win 10. None of my trading platforms (MT4, MT5, and Alveo) worked, but each one failed with different errors. Ultimately, I had to uninstall and reinstall all of them, and migrate my user data to the newly installed instances.

Plus, MS pushed/forced an update--despite several of my requests to defer it until later--that changed my display settings.


I'm sticking with good old Windows 7 as long as possible



You have to be careful because Microsoft may force you by automatically install windows 10. I disable the updates to prevent that enforce-ability. I like my windows 7 professional as well.



Hi Sokha,yes I disabled them also.

I suppose we will need to upgrade at some point but i'm happy with Windows 7 for the moment


I have an older sony laptop, i5 processor, 4 gb ram.

I updated to windows 10 with no issues, though another fellow hive member had to download some additional net framework updates in order to get his working. No problems here though!


Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm going to move to Windows 10.


I am enjoying Win 10.


I upgraded to Win 10 shortly after it was available, I use a new Lenovo and haven't had any issues, and I like it. Good luck with whichever you decide to go with.


Windows 10 GREAT!!!!!

I had many issues before my upgrade in Dec 2015...

Kurt Kendall


My laptop was running Windows 7 and I did the upgrade to Windows 10. Works well. I have had some problems with Windows Edge (the new Internet Explorer) hogging up all the memory. So, I have adapted and only have IE 11 open when I run Alveo (ON all upgrades, IE 11 is hiding in the menu system). So far it has worked well.


I quit using IE, I use Firefox and have been happy since the move years ago. I know IE is still there somewhere but haven't had any issues, if I could I would remove it completely.


I don't know, is it Windows 10 or something else, but Alveo stops working occasionally and so slow sometimes that you cannot place or manage trades.


eilattours - Same thing happens to me sometimes but I don't think it is a Win10 issue.

George G

My windows 7 lap top is so old it cannot take windows 10; however, recognizing that that computer is not long for this life bot a new MacBook Pro w/ emulator and windows 10. Runs just fine. There are some differences in setting up indicators but they are not difficult to figure out. I saw the same prob as eilattours. Learned to make sure I always use STOPS. Need to shut down and restart Alveo frequently.


Hey George, sounds to me like it really isn't running just fine if you have to continually reboot frequently, now I don't know but for me mac book pro and windows 10 is a miss match. But then again I really haven't been up to date on this. I know it's possible to combine different platforms, just for me it never seemed like the struggle (now this was years ago), but the struggle didn't seem worth it to me. So always went for one or the other. I would say with work and determination you will get it handled.


I heard support for Windows 7 will last until 2020 so I'm sticking with what I know and what works


Alveo on a Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 and a quasi-antique Toshiba work fine. There are a number of diagnostics you can perform before you install Alveo to ensure performance.


Enclosed is a current trade setup using Windows 10 on a Surface 4 and max storage/RAM:

Apiary Desktop msm 2016-05-20.png

,,, and a second MSWord document with better overall schematics. I am welcome to ideas to help simplify template size or organizing ...


Trade Activity 2016-05-20 msm.pdf 1.2 MB

I use Windows 10 on a Lenovo that is a little over a year old, no problems at all, and I've been happy with performance. Mike your a better man than I, I couldn't trade off that kind of setup, way to busy for me. Way to go man good luck.


Get 5 more monitors Mike haha!


I have Windows 10 on an Asus laptop with 8 gigs of RAM. I haven't ever had problems with Alveo. I can run multiple 500-bar charts and not have any issues with my computer's speed.


I use Windows 10 and 2 monitors


I got my new laptop with Windows 10 for Alveo use and it runs very well for last 2 months.!


I have no problems with Windows 10 and Alveo.


I upgraded to Win10 on my desktop computer and have very few issues with it. I'm also upgrading my backup desktop to Win10 before Microsoft starts charging people to do so!


I have the Surface Pro 3 with the i7 chip and I upgraded it to Windows 10 the day it became available. I use the Surface 4 style "docking station" (in quotes because it's really just a brick to plug things into versus the original Surface Pro 3 one that you actually docked the tablet into). I use a real mouse, real keyboard, and 2 24" monitors with no issue. I have MT4 running on 1 monitor and Alveo on the other. I haven't noticed any sluggishness.I just have the invisible settings when I'm trying to modify an indicator.


windows 10 is a government sponsored virus that collects book on you all :LÞ


I am always hesitant to upgrade and get the latest. If it's not broke, don't fix it, right? Windows 7 was good, 8 and 8.1 were not user friendly on desktops and I hated it. I didn't really want Windows 10 but went for it and am very happy I did. Probably the best operating system they ever came out with. Very useful and functional. I didn't have any issues or troubles with it installing. I worried about that too and it's understandable but I think at some point you have to decide to go for it. I would recommend 10 for sure.


Can you help me with the Adobe Connect add-in not loading? I am using Windows 10...


What browser are you using? Google Chrome gave me problems with Adobe Connect, so I used Microsoft Edge instead (part of Win 10) - Works perfectly.


I have purchased a brand new Dell laptop. I was getting disconnected from using Alveo. Dell told me something is wrong with the app! I have been trying to attach it to my VPS and it just keeps spinning!


which dell model and chip packgreen? I'm in the market and was looking at their range also.


I am currently running think or swim from TDAmeritrade at the same time as Alveo on both my desktop and laptop, and there hasn't been any problems here. I run Windows 10 on both machines, and allow auto-updates on both(Wed. mornings are always full of suspense).



I have a Mac Mini, with Parallels installed on it, with Windows 7 running as a virtual machine, on which I downloaded and installed the Windows 10 upgrade. Then I installed Alveo. Everything runs just slick as a whistle.

@billrata I also have thinkorswim installed on my Mac Mini. That way I can run it with or without having the Windows virtual machine running. Then again, I have a MacBook Air with thinkorswim on it too, so I can run it with or without having the Mac Mini running. I have TeamViewer on it, and on both the Windows virtual machine, and on a little WinBook (Windows 8.1) tablet I bought for $60. It sits next to my recliner. So I have the laptop sitting in my lap, and I can login to whichever machine I happen to have Alveo running on a given day.

This setup is nice because for example, I'm having some problem with my Mac Mini, which I'll resolve over the weekend. But it didn't interrupt my trading, because I simply reverted back to the little tablet.


I just joined 5-25-2019 & downloaded Alveo. When trying to run Alveo though I am getting an error. "Alveo account verification failed Reason: There is an error in XML document (0, 0). I disableed the firewall and anti-virus and still have the error. While dealing with this issue there was a moment when it said the User Id / password was incorrect. This to me was an odd error since I copied the user id and password from the website itself (using firefox).


Ben, sounds like you might need some professional help. Have you tried the Apiary help line?


I have been using 8.1 on a Asus laptop, I will not upgrade but soon may need a new one. So glad to hear 10 works good because the next one will probably have W 10.


Using Windows 7. Will use it as long as I can. Love it


I am running Win 10 on a refurbished HP laptop and have had no issues with Alveo/Windows compatibility.


I am running on Windows 10 and one 43' monitor. No issues!


I'm running on window 10 chrome with a 27 in. monitor and all is OK
But.. when the platform opens full size I see double screen (platform)
then back to one screen?? But it works well after.